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for Call of the Huntress - Modern Warfare

6/17 c4 HaywireEagle
The biggest problem with this is the fact that Russians attacked the US directly. Circumventing the issue the air bases and wings near Russian Borders. US allies. Canada, France, UK, Mexico(maybe), and several others being big ones who would have jumped in without question because they're cool like that.

The fact that the US can project their power and the B-2 Bombers would be just be a nightmare for everyone on the receiving end.

That if Russia were to make a beach head they'd have to attack heavily supported and protected deep water ports. NORAD would have also detected them and see them coming hours if not days in advance. Russia also lacks the materials to bring up in such short order too.

I know, I know. Its a story. Fanfiction, and what have you but even if you stretch it. It just doesn't make sense to anyone with a smidgen of information.

Regardless. Still gonna read it though so don't mind me.
6/13 c3 HaywireEagle
Not terrible but has some issues about accuracy but they're forgivable if I am honest.
6/10 c3 sami217
I'm just gonna say that this is awesome and I want more... Ramirez kill that tank with your teeth!
6/4 c1 1Kwakerns
RAMIREZ! Read the book! hahahaha
6/3 c2 15Corporal Tommy
Never tempt Murphy, he will give you a shitshow, guaranteed.
5/31 c1 1hellion117
Not gonna lie... I’m kinda throbbing for more
5/30 c1 21edboy4926
Interesting intro
Looking forward to more
5/30 c1 15Corporal Tommy
Well, this is an interesting concept, can't wait to see more.

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