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for Geeky Sam-son

8/23/2021 c1 65imawoomie
Ha! This is exactly what I needed today! Clever and funny.
6/1/2021 c1 Kathy
this was quadruple good, great use of all the prompts, such perfect descriptions of the Weechester, absolutely would Sam be able to read that good at 8 and yes even at 4 he would expect real answers from the Library, since he knows that's where his Dad finds answers, and I like how you said he had a legitimate phobia of hair cuts, I can just imagine John trying to save money and trim a wiggly wee Sammy's hair and a nick would have occurred and clippers do sound so scary to a child, haha Dean maybe Sam grew out of his haircut fears but by then he realized that he liked his hair longer, warmer on his neck and then when he found out it might annoy Johh, what a bonus, I really enjoyed this, and hope you keep writing and sharing these here, thanks
5/30/2021 c1 540TheYmp
Haha, well done for fitting in all those challenge words and themes. Personally, given his military background, I think John should have known a thing or two already about a tactical retreat and picking the battles that are worth winning! I don’t think we’d want our geeky Sam-pson any other way!
5/30/2021 c1 977Dizzo
And no wonder Sam has an aversion to having his hair cut - his hair is a thing of beauty, and should be protected at all costs!

Love it :)

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