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for Fate Fifth Hero Rewrite

10/21 c6 Guest
If Shirou is tracing new shields for Naofumi could he trace an Italian Renaissance lantern shield, a spiked pavise, german dueling shield and maybe the same shields just with different material and some Noble phantasm.
10/11 c6 SiegfriedIsOP
Sounds like you got Prydwen confused with Lord Camelot.
9/28 c6 TheDragon2000
There are quite a few similar stories out there, but I really like the beginning. The Fact that Shirou and Naofumi are from the same world provides a lot of fun potential storylines and with Rin trying to get Shirou thatnumber only increases. Thanks for sharing and update soon!
9/27 c6 takato9610
Shirou podría llegar a jugar con sus Noble Phantasm para darle otros nuevos a Naofumi? Digo, bien podría usar Alteración para cambiar la forma y el concepto de una Espada para que sea un Escudo, por ejemplo, así el Escudo Legendario no lo rechazaría y podría copiarlo
9/25 c2 5Luke Dragneel
I always find it strange when people don't give examples of shield users, both real and fictional, when the subject is brought in Shield Hero fiction. Captain America, Pyrrha Nikos, the Spartans and the Vikings all used shields primarily or solely.
9/24 c2 anapgod1
the reason why magecraft isnt revealed to the world is because the more a magic is known the weaker it is.
9/24 c6 Giuseppe
Yayy more chapters. I suggest Shirou let Naofumi copies Rho Aias, that shield has a bonus against throwing weapons,especially spears (from his legend, it was able to stop Hector's spear). With this shield he can become nearly invincible against Motoyasu's attacks, at least when they are at the same level.
9/24 c1 elpescado4317
The pacing is good enough but by jove, fully capped dialogues are hard to read
9/24 c1 Guest
ScopeK, you are wrong. Trace off is a thing - There is [trace on - trace off], when Shirou tries to reinforce stuff in the beginning of the VN. It's the beginning and the end of that initial projection spell. Trace off closes the (nerve) circuit.

Also there are more powerful variations of Emiya's magecraft: Trigger off (for techniques, "projection beyond its limits), Trace Fractal (for broken phantasm arrows), [Continuous fire]/Sword Barrel (shooting projections from behind) and Trace On (Tracing).

When Emiya's projection evolved into Tracing, he didn't change the word for spell. So it might be confusing but it's a "new" spell.

Lastly, nice work, author. Good luck!
9/24 c6 StormySpartan
Did you seriously turn Lord Camelot into Prydwen? Cause they aren't the same, one is the personal shield of king Arthur, which can also become a ship. The other is a shield made to represent the round table, and the kingdom of Camelot itself.
9/24 c6 Guest
Good job and keep up the work are you going to make shirou make shields for naofumi like the dueling shield, lantern shield and Riesbyfe Stridberg shield also is shirou going to use his alteration to make new shields for naofumi
9/24 c6 Guest
Good work keep it up and also since Naofumi copied Mash Kyrielight shield does that mean that Shirou would trace some weapon shields like the dueling shield, lantern shield and Riesbyfe Stridberg shield or are you going to make Shirou use his alteration to make new shields for Naofumi
9/23 c6 ScopeK
Trace Off is not a thing. Have Shirou exhale if you must, but that line is pretty jarring to see.

Prydwen iirc was a ship... that is also a surfboard? Which I guess with the shapeshifting properties can also be a shield.

But given you basically described Mash's shield, it'd be more accurate to call it Around Round Shield as it's actual name.
9/23 c3 Guest
Rin: That's it, we'll summon someone who can help us *summons Saber*
Sakura: S-saber?
Rin: Saber, our beloved idiot is kidnapped we need your help
9/23 c6 1A 'Reincarnated' writer
The question now is... How are you going to deal with Rạptalia?
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