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for Fate Fifth Hero Rewrite

9/23 c6 berrus-sama
the Shihaku4 comment is correct
9/23 c6 Amatsumi
Isn't Naofumi's iteration of Shield attack rating of 1 plot point or are you aware or ignorant of it?
9/23 c4 2Shihaku4
I like it so far! though, a common minsconception about Shirou's magecraft is that his projections end being erased by Gaia. They actually can stay permanently, they just disaappear when Shirou wishes it or when they broke.
9/23 c6 GrandmasterRed
So... Is it a weird fusion of Prydwen and Lord Camelot?
9/23 c6 2comrade-elmo1
ah so Shirou is very much sad/a bit traumatized about Naofumi nearly dying. ah yes Shirou learns not everyone are looney's who follow the three heroes church. huh so is Naofumi and Shirou gonna go to Shieldfreeden? Naofumi learning reinforcement magic could be cool. ooohhh Naofumi getting shield NP's.
9/23 c6 kronos797
what happened to raphtalia
9/23 c6 Shashenka
Thanks for another chapter I really enjoyed it!
9/23 c6 SentinalSlice
Hey! An update. Yay
9/23 c6 7Jebest4781
Looking well here. Good luck on the progress.
9/23 c1 Guest
I'm sorry I can't read this I'm just so annoyed with pov crap writing style it sucks and I just can't stand it.
9/23 c1 JustAnReaderBro0909
ay new chapter Noice
9/23 c6 CAD270895
I hope that rin, Sakura and raphtalia appear soon
9/16 c5 Goldiman543
please continue this fanfic, its one of the very few good ones that are actually on this website.
9/2 c5 2comrade-elmo1
ah yes Shirou technically is 'self taught' since his future self taught him by fighting him to the near death.
9/2 c3 comrade-elmo1
ah ye Rin and Sakura looking for Shirou
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