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for Fate Fifth Hero Rewrite

9/2 c3 2comrade-elmo1
ah ye Rin and Sakura looking for Shirou
9/2 c3 comrade-elmo1
oh my god alteration on the pillow to make them more comfortable
8/31 c5 The Prophet Of Lies
Very detailed in the descriptions and the pace is amazing. I love this work and can't wait for more to be explained
8/13 c1 9AMAZING EZ-8
great story and justification
8/13 c4 AMAZING EZ-8
You forgot that the heroes cant use any other weapon then the ones they were given

so shirou giving the weapon to naofumis should immediately earn him a strike/ punishment from the shield

same with the others
7/29 c5 Shashenka
Thanks for putting in the time and effort to write this thus far I've really enjoyed it!
7/22 c5 Trong Phuc Nguyen
This is good story you make there. I like it.
Please make more chapter
7/21 c3 andrewtaylorapt37
Someone is going to have a very very VERY bad time.
7/20 c5 Itsuki Minami1
This very refreshing and enjoyable fic. I mean, most of ROtH fics are just a rehash of canon plot with little to no change and it was frustrating to read. It's tiring to read the same fake rape allegation plot in every ROtH fics. I'm glad you changed the plotline. I can saw many interesting plot twist happen there!

I hope you keep continuing this one since most author who wrote good fics always disappear or abandoning the fics they write.
7/19 c5 abciluvpie
7/15 c5 Tryson
Lol I just want to comment and how satisfying it is snowing that she’s going to be running around everywhere trying to find the shield hero-and as a result no one is going to believe she had time to be raped I mean F people in the city spot her in different locations throughout the day and none of the times she is spotted is she staying with the shield hero it will be difficult to associate the two with each other-that and The fact fat any tavern he is that will have seen him *Snicker* They will have no way to convict him in the first place they will however learn something when Eye Witness reports find them somewhere else
7/10 c5 1KiteRider
the premise of your story, the setup & the situation. It's all so...enticing. Please do not give up on it, like what happened to Wandering of A Sword Hero. I, and apparently, 433 - 671 others evidently desire to see where you go with this. please keep uploading chapters to this work of yours. after all, no one likes an unfinished work of art...
7/2 c5 void242
This rewrite were more flesh out. Kudos. Keep going.
6/28 c5 1Panzer0
6/27 c5 Nagisa Tr
kinda PogChamp not gonnalie
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