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for Fate Fifth Hero Rewrite

6/26 c5 10PsylentFox
Always happy to see more FSN/RotSH crossovers! Have yourself a follow!
6/26 c5 3Aurum Faea
Also I feel like they should run into the other heroes at some point to get the info about the hourglass. That'd be useful.
6/26 c1 Aurum Faea
Great story so far. I got some ideas you could probably incorporate if you wanted involving shirou and runes and ubw
If you want to hear them that is
6/18 c5 iremjohn00
This seems to have a lot of potentials can’t wait for more!
6/17 c5 mnorsyafiq92
So, the church shadow are not following em?
6/16 c5 Bman
This is Beautiful! I love it!
6/13 c1 7RenegadeForLife
Thanks for the chapter. First person is an interesting choice. It's pretty hard to write compelling first person fanfiction from the perspective of an existing character since you have to write all the thoughts and narration from the perspective of that character as well. It's really hard to keep all of that writing in character without injecting large amounts of your own sense of humor or personality by accident. This chapter didn't seem to do a horrible job at that but I can't say it excelled at it either.
6/13 c5 2Dracoog101
Naofume could help temper shiros stupidity and can't wait for the next chapter.
6/12 c5 Hikaru Hirio Hikari
this is fun to read, and I'm getting feelings that Rin going to blown canon out of water. I can't wait.
6/8 c5 Noar
as much i love Raphtalia i dont see nafomi have shirou so he won't need slave so don't force her into the party just for because you want her join them
6/7 c5 7Jebest4781
This was good. Not only do they have Filo’s egg but they might run into Keel, Rifana and Raphtalia very soon.
6/7 c4 Jebest4781
Doing quite well here and can’t wait for the pair to get Raphtlia and Filo early to make things interesting
6/7 c3 Jebest4781
Looking good here so far
6/7 c2 Jebest4781
Looking well here and wonder what Shield Noble Phantasms Shirou will give Naofumi to help on an early start.
6/7 c1 Jebest4781
Gonna be interesting to see what you’ll do on changes and additions to this.
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