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for Fate Fifth Hero Rewrite

6/2 c1 ThatOneTutorial
Dude, ngl you were right in your first daft to write in 3rd person, 1st person is hard as hell to read in
6/2 c2 Guest
If the king heroic spirits were summoned, I imagine Iskandar would outwardly proclaim he's gonna take over this place, Artoria won't give a shit to the king, and Gilgamesh would call the king a mongrel and commit homicide.
6/2 c4 Guest
I hope Shirou can summon saber, archer, or both
6/2 c4 5Soda-fiedPsycho
Again, shirou's stuff doesn't fade away without his will or unless it breaks.
6/2 c4 Gizzit
Loving the story so far. Keep up the good work!
6/2 c4 taiwoeretan1
Nice to see more shield hero x fate stories hope you can continue on with this story.
5/31 c3 SentinalSlice
Can’t wait for the next chapter!
5/31 c3 Guest
This rewrite is much cleaner than the original. Well done
5/31 c1 laggykid
this one is much better and well written good job
5/31 c2 LuciusRedhand
This one is much more smoother to read now than the last one which felt "drafty" or too raw in terms of writing and pacing. Still a welcome change in terms of improving the plot of the story
5/30 c1 6Rankin de Merthyr
Haven't read it but why rewrite already?
5/30 c1 jarc503okami
Wou! El reescrito fue mas rápido de lo que pensé.
5/30 c2 SentinalSlice
I just realized that since this is UBW Shirou that means he can trace Rule Breaker. That means that he would be able to sever any slave contracts, he could also sever the link between the pope and the fake legendary weapon during that battle. By the way, in equipment he should also have Avalon. Or perhaps in abilities/magic?
5/30 c2 KuR06320
Well this was a good introduction. I'm hope for more.
5/30 c1 TroxX101
Bro how tf the story just started and you doing a rewrite already wtf
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