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for Harry Casts a Curse

9/24 c3 kase519
I refuse to believe that the Potter children were never bored
9/24 c2 kase519
Oh dear
9/24 c1 kase519
You can read the most interesting things in stories
8/2 c2 Fast Frank
I suppose that one of the reasons Greengrass was elected was that Augusta didn't want the position.
7/17 c3 7HarryPotterFangirl85
Nicely done.
7/9 c2 16madie080802
Harry kissed Hermione. Hermione gave the finger to Ron. Sirius is free!
Cleaning out the garbage! Yahoo! ('Celebration' Kool and the Gang, chorus)
7/9 c1 madie080802
Oh la la, deadly parables. Kick their b-u-t-t Harry!
6/21 c3 lunaz
Good to read again.
6/20 c3 BillBrink
Thanks for sharing.
6/20 c3 7Wally991
Just wondering, shouldn't Umbridge be death? I mean, she did send the Demwntirs after Harry in the 3rd book, so she did conspire to harm/kill him
6/18 c3 Clark959
Nice story
6/16 c3 csheila
Nice. I can see it was one of your earlier ones. But you introduced a lot of plot points
6/16 c1 csheila
Interesting approach. I like it
5/2 c3 2rb2312
Neville married Hannah, and remained friends with susan and daphne.
Strangely enough, susan and daphne both had sons to continue their family name. And a daughter each.
Though they never said who the father was. Their children grew up with neville and hannah's kids, and loved their "uncle" neville.
No one ever commented on the fact that the bones and greengrass boys looked a little like neville

Just my add on to the epilogue
Hope you do not mind
4/28 c3 the scorpion commander
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