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for Harry Casts a Curse

11/11/2023 c3 kiwihipp
Cool story making all those that made Harry suffer, die or even suffer more! Well done!
11/9/2023 c1 190Luiz4200
Did Crouch Junior read the ferret part as well?
11/1/2023 c3 csheila
11/1/2023 c2 csheila
Dragon offal is such a great name

I loveit when Hermione gets cheeky. The virginal line was hysterical until i remember she is only 15
11/1/2023 c1 csheila
I love the opening.

As the book taught dont waste time with half-assed curses
10/17/2023 c1 stacygrrl2002
well done!
10/11/2023 c3 3NazdurukBugzappa
In stories like this, where The Umbitch ends up going to trial, my brain keeps seeing the court aurors walking into the back of the holding area, and finding the dementors drawing lots.

The main reason for the dementor carrying out the sentencing moves slowly towards The Umbitch is not even *they* want to kiss it.
8/16/2023 c1 11Fenchurch1
I love your stories and I am having a great time re-reading them all, but do you mind if I Brit-pick? Bugger-all means 'absolutely nothing' ie he gave me bugger-all for Christmas. You can say 'Bugger!' as a mild expletive, or 'buggering...' as an extra adjective!
7/29/2023 c3 Tlyna52
LOL, had fun reading this. A very interesting twist to the Tri Wiz Tournament, love it and really love that you gave my second favorite playwright's name as Barty Crouch Jr's middle name.
5/14/2023 c1 erstwhile-S
Good one to read again.
4/27/2023 c2 Rebatrek
I love this story, concise and to the point! It’s great the biggest asshole gets it in the neck right away!
4/16/2023 c3 ColoradoBee3500
This is always fun for a quick reread when there are no new stories up that sound interesting. Thanks
4/16/2023 c3 Zile0
What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing your story.
4/11/2023 c3 Guest
Nice story
3/19/2023 c3 HoneyBear84
Love it
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