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9/24 c27 Guest
Definitely hoping for quick follow-up chapters/chapters here. Enjoying this journey very much and hoping you have many more chapters to come. Take care of yourself and please keep writing.
9/23 c27 184nebula2
Oh, so thoroughly entertaining! Julie's encounter with Fiddler's fiance was fun. And then Fiddler is drooling over Julie at the Fort! I'm not sure who to feel more sorry for in that relationships! Or maybe they just deserve each other!

One of my favorite chapters of this story. I mean how could it not be with so much Gabriel in it! Gabriel being the kind, supportive Mountie bringing news to Julie and the children at the hotel, then he's helping Nathan sit up and finding the doctor, then getting food (though with Elizabeth's help) and then giving a lecture to first Fiddler and Hawke and then Allie - good conspiratorial whisper at the end to finish the chapter! I know exactly how Julie felt when Allie told her the man was taken!

The image of uniformed men, turning and heading in a new direction to avoid Elizabeth was so amusing. At least she was kind to the kitchen staff to get what she wanted.

I liked your fort doctor. Good for him, checking on Elizabeth just to be sure she's fine. And then his instructions for Nathan were just so kind.

Haha - O'Reilly in the barracks. That went over very well I bet! I can just imagine how quiet things were in there that night!

Seems Gabriel helped Nathan get dressed after all. That whole scene with the kids helping him with the suspenders and the socks and boots was just adorable. I can only imagine how hard those boots are to lace. I remembered trying to make sure my black boots were laced tightly in ROTC. When I was doing stuff on campus I usually had to retie them once I got there because they were hard to tie at home with an 18 pound cat playing with the laces (that cat would only play with black shoelaces!).

Wonderful update! Can't wait for the next one!
9/23 c27 SaSeLi777
Oh, KatieThank you! I’ve been missing your stories!
8/13 c26 Guest
Brilliant but heart stopping.
8/11 c26 3BeccaKay64
Thanks for not making us endure a cliffhanger! I, too, hate them!
8/7 c26 Guest
Because of the similarities between Jack’s final assignment and Nathan’s assignment, I expected some kind of injury snd/ or accident. I also expected that it would not be serious, but frightening. Well done! Fiddler seemed to be an unusual name, and quite appropriate.
8/6 c26 Guest
Birdbrain and Tinker
8/7 c26 184nebula2
Ah, look at you getting some good drama in there. There was so much more you could have done with it but I will let you ease into this part of story telling. *wink*. I also have to teach you about how for an author cliff hangars make your reader want to turn the page. Granted in fanfiction, with slow updates, it makes the readers stew but...

So, for the first section - love how they want to make Jack still feel special - even Allie. The story time was such a sweet idea and as for Nathan telling Jack about Mountie stuff- you made me tear up. So, my question is - will Elizabeth get those corporal insignia back?

Still loving Fort Mudd and more than just a play off of Fort Clay. Bringing back some of my memories of ROTC Basic camp there. Oh, those two cadets...Hawke and Fiddler. Had a few of them in my battalion - actually in my platoon, going through training. Left their commanding officer out in the field - oh what a lecture they are getting. I can imagine them doing a lot of pushups too but not sure if the Mounties did that...

Loved how Nathan just picks himself up and when he knows help isn't coming calmly starts making his own way home. I would have liked more of Gabriel finding Nathan (and not just because it was Gabriel). Then again - this whole scenario would have been at least three chapters in my story. Still, it was an exciting little foray away from the romantic fluff and I enjoyed it. I can't fault what you have written - I just wanted more!

Oh, Jenkins! Bet he tried to stay scarce for the rest of the duration of the search. Loved how you dealt with the Mounties facing a distraught, pregnant Elizabeth. Loved how Gabriel was able to calm her down some. Good ole Gabe to the rescue. And yes, once Elizabeth got her hands on him, the Mounties weren't getting Nathan back that evening!

Lovely chapter! Hope ideas for the next are not as difficult to put onto paper!
8/7 c26 SaSeLi777
Aww, Katie… I love your fluffy angst and drama. And while I thought the two bullies’ l were annoying, it took your hint to make me fully appreciate how appropriate the names were.

I love all the things you hinted at that you could have done… But I always love Patrick and Gabe (especially Gabe) involved in Nathan’s life. He and Nathan rescue each other. It’s just their thing! I’m especially glad E didn’t get a repeat performance of losing her husband. Great chapter!
8/6 c26 Amy Gaither
I loved it
8/6 c26 10FnficJunkie
I think you did the angst well! I was pacing right there with Elizabeth—even though I trusted you with the outcome. I was ready for her water to break to up the ante, but I’m glad that Nathan will be there for the birth. Honestly, it was nice to see the RCMP sweat a bit, and I hope you put Hawke and Fiddler through the ringer with questions. I hope they can’t wiggle out of them this time! Justice for Nathan!rubs hands together menacinglyHappy to help!
7/13 c25 Karen Martin
I liked that Isaac taught him a lesson. Fun chapter!
7/10 c25 Guest
I love this story. However, if Lucas were to leave forever, I would be very happy! No one needs him. I enjoy how Nathan watched after Elizabeth so well.
7/12 c25 184nebula2
Hope Valley's pigs sure seem to be causing a ruckus in our fanfictions. The image of Bill trying to round up pigs is very amusing though.

Okay, I still think Isaac is a creep. He does however gets points for confessing his transgressions to me. That Isaac and Julie conversation was very well done. It was engaging and flowed naturally even with the App reading it out loud to me.

Glad the charity event was successful in more ways that one. Perhaps there is chance of Julie 'growing up' yet.

Elizabeth and her midnight snacks. The pickles actually in the milk are what got me. I find myself wondering what peanut butter on tomatoes might taste like now...Loved Julie's question about if all the snacks were that repulsive. Not beating around the bush there.

LOL - plotting on feeding Lucas to their parents are they...lovely conversation between the sisters. And you didn't forget to mention the Salmon Puffs either!

Julie clearly wasn't direct enough with Lucas. I think someone is taking a trip to Hamilton. Perhaps she should have taken her shoe off and hit him over the head with it (Hehehe). What a way to end the chapter - those two last lines say it all.

Hope the next chapter comes easier for you but this was definitely worth the wait!
7/10 c25 8Missela
Julie, Julie, Julie. You should have listened. Lucas is a charmer who makes what he wants to happen, happen. She should have been firm and not give him hope. Somehow I knew that was what was going to happen. Thanks for the update!
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