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for The Highs and Lows of Kenna Dursley

7/25 c19 7SlytherinPotter98350
Loved this chapter. I really love the way your explaining her diabetes giving it a simple and easy to understand explanation while also comparing it to something magical. If I could have a sleepover with any characters from this story it would be the Pranktastic Trio (Fred, George and Kenna)
7/17 c16 1Estela prime
Plutôt sympa ce chapitre
7/15 c15 Scarlett Winds
Yay! Liking this story a lot! Love Kenna and how you're educating us on diabetes. You explain things so well. Hope you update soon and have a better day!
7/14 c15 GreengrassRebel
Ok, that self-crucio was quite clever, not easy to make your servants sumbit with no body.

Is Kenna communicating with Harry? Just occurred she could send an owl, but how she would coordínate for him to receive it... Maybe a very smart owl, the owlery has some.
7/13 c14 1Nanettez
Could you explain how Kenna gets all the electronic things to work at Hogwarts with all the magic?
7/10 c13 RukiaClow
are we going to ignore Harry being beaten by her father? Cant she tell someone?
7/9 c13 GreengrassRebel
Short but sweet Ch! Kenna is adorable.
7/8 c12 Nanettez
Has Kenna had any contact with her family? I was also wondering of she would mention Harry's treatment to McGonagall.
7/8 c12 GreengrassRebel
In this story Angelina is older? It would make sense to solidify Fred, George and Kenna as a group.

Good Chapter!
7/7 c11 GreengrassRebel
This story is different, I like different. Really like Kenna, she is an interesting protagonist.
7/6 c11 1tamarayann97
my mum has diabetes
6/30 c9 5RedShirt1453
Well that was an ugly comment from 'Keira'. Just because Kenna was born with a defection doesn't mean she should be ridiculed for it. Her poor genes do not make her lesser than the below-average human being. Kenna might do well in Gryffindor although I was holding out for Hufflepuff just for ya know representation.
6/30 c9 Keira
Diabetto should be careful now she is in Gryffindor. To much excitement might kill her.
6/30 c8 7SlytherinPotter98350
Love this chapter. So happy you updated I've been looking forward to the next chapter since you last updated. Only been like 5 days but feels like forever. Living the story so far.
6/16 c1 SlytherinPotter98350
I love this idea. Can't wait for more
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