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9/9/2007 c3 2Adi Sagestar
Listen, why haven't any POTO fics been updated in the last year? Have all the authors died or something? Please please update this, finish it, and I shall be forever grateful.
4/18/2007 c3 harminous-fallen-angel
This is very interesting.

12/31/2004 c3 3neo-lover72
hahaha! loved it!
8/19/2004 c3 DNA
That is one great story! Please continue and finish it!
7/9/2004 c3 12Adiva Calandia
More *please!* This is a wonderfully well-crafted story. You've obviously got a great handle on both the characters and the plot, and how you can play with it. I've *got* to have more.

The one thing that could make this story even better is to focus on the dialogue a bit more. You've got Michael down to a T, and Erik is great, but Christine sounds a little too modern.

I have no doubt you can add a little polish and make this already shining piece so brilliant one can see one's face in it *grin*
6/21/2004 c3 4AuronLives
I really love this! What an awesome concept! I see you havn't updated in a long time, but you should consider continuing this! I think you've just sparked a fanfic idea of mine! (I've been trying to write a phanfic for a while, but I never feel I've done Erik justice)
6/1/2004 c2 ChristineDie
This fic is so cool! I have read the Phantom Of The Opera times an I saw the play once! I am soo gals Erik is happy! He is my favorite character.
4/30/2004 c3 4MiserableRevolutionary
Wow...just...wow. I admit I was pretty skeptical at first, but I'm absolutely amazed!I really hope that you update soon!
11/27/2003 c3 3Only Erik's
This story has quite the creative twist! I am enjoying it very much...imagine if it was possible for some one to travel back in time and meet these remarkable characters! Good job!
5/28/2003 c1 LeLeMusicAngel
UPDATE! Must. Know. What. Happens. Next! Good plot ^_^
2/8/2003 c1 38Trinity Destler
That's an extremely cool idea! This is fairly well written for the most part but some of it seems unnatural and the flow is occasionally choppy.
10/18/2002 c1 2ImaginaryWhisper03
::laughing insanely:: this is too good! I love it!I've wanted to warn them a lot, and this is just what I like to read.
8/22/2002 c3 17George Smillie
*looks at screen open mouthed, only stopping when he notices drool* Er...wow...that was...so...great...write more...NOW!
8/22/2002 c3 2litttleonee
Where's the rest? I need to read more! This is SOOO great and You haven't written the next chapters! PLease please please finish this SOON! PLEASE it's so great!

8/22/2002 c2 litttleonee
This chapter was also amazing! Great job!
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