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for Undeniably Uzumaki

10/12 c2 5Jerrend
Thats a awesome harem list very unique!
8/5 c2 fanfictionsfan
Good start! I’m enjoying it so far. However I had a question about Rin, is she supposed to be the same Rin as the one from Kakashi’s team?
7/21 c2 VampireDraken
A good story so far, my only complaint about the Harem is having Rin and Kyra in it. But other than I have enjoyed the story and looking forward to seeing more in the next chapter
7/17 c2 I. P. Frealy
7/16 c1 ThreeKerr
pls dont kill of kushinadont make naruto sad anymore
7/14 c1 Dzerx
Hmm Naruto better not forgive Tsunade easily if at all.
7/13 c2 Tandiian
I love your idea for this story, I don't know if I said anything for the first chapter, but it is certainly a new take on the Naruto world! I can't wait to see what your next chapter has in store for us! Keep up the great work and stay safe in thies problematic times!
7/13 c2 WindyCitySlayer1
Awesome chapter
Please continue
Can’t wait for more
7/13 c2 bloodbrother 18
Can't wait to see what happens next.
7/13 c2 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent job thank you
7/13 c2 yochan123
I think this is a really interesting story. Thanks for writing it!
7/13 c2 Sammy9992
The fact that I was shocked that they were using training weapons instead of sharp weapons and actually caring about potentially injuring each other is really telling of the mindset of the fandom. It just seems really stupid to try and murder each other in what should be training. People make mistakes during training and having lethal weapons just sounds like a bad time.
I completely agree with Kushinas actions but I don't agree with her mindset while doing so. "She wasn't about to baby him. It was harsh, she knew, but she needed him to grow stronger from this. Harden from it. It would make it easier for him once she was gone to be just that much sterner." That paragraph comes off far more needlessly callous than it is caring in my opinion even if it is born out of care for him. Rather than talking about not babying him and having to toughen him up, she should be thinking about how little time she has left and that while she would prefer to talk about this once he is older, that she knows that while it will hurt him now, that he needs her support and guidance while she can still give it. That she trusts that he will be able to overcome the burdens layed out for him and that she trusts his loved ones to support him when she no longer can. The words don't even match with the actions that are happening. His environment is too loving and caring for the harsh tone of her thoughts. Those kind of thoughts would fit in better if she was a brutal taskmaster that made him train every moment of the day and gave him little time for anything else.
Basically in my own opinion there should be more talk about wanting to prepare him rather than having to toughen him up. The words just don't fit the actions.
7/13 c2 Shift
Great story cannot wait to see what happens next chapter continue as soon as possible please
6/24 c1 PraetorXyn
Hmm. I've got mixed feelings about this one.

I love Naruto having red hair. I've always called bullshit on some no-name civilian having genetics strong enough to override the genetics of one of the most genetic dynamo clans ever.

I love the harem too, even if I don't like some of the choices in it (I'd replace Karui with Mabui at the very least, and probably fem Kakashi with someone else too). Honestly probably doesn't make sense to have any Kumo kunoichi in it, given that Kumo's kidnapping attempt at minimum caused Kushina's apparent death years earlier than it should have happened.

On the Kushina front, I'm of the camp that biting Karin is at least as effective as anything Tsunade can do.

Finally, it's another "happy in Konoha" story. I know you've AUed it so Naruto was treated better, but in canon Konoha treated him like shit his whole life, so if it's going to be an Uzumaki-centric story)which is my favorite kind of story) I'd much rather he leave or get banished from Konoha and rebuild Uzushio into a super power while reviving his clan.

I'll stick around for a while to see where this goes.
6/22 c1 Roberto9090
harem is my ass.
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