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15h c427 Scottkuduo
Lately the update is getting slower, are you doing well? Look forward to the next update
8/15 c285 Omnis
The professors wouldn't have let them curse like that over the loud speakers.
8/16 c427 Flaum
Fenrir, your humor is comedic, you even brought it to war and made me laugh.
8/16 c427 Flaum
some of these aurors are stupid. there's clearly war going on, when would Quinn have the time to pay attention to some canon fodders who Voldemort would not even take a glance at?
8/16 c427 1Ghost Claw 001
oh well, rip fenrir, again
8/16 c426 Ghost Claw 001
oh yes, yes, everything is coming up together
8/16 c425 Ghost Claw 001
damn, he reached the underwater vault, like that?
8/16 c424 Ghost Claw 001
coward move, but understandable
8/16 c423 Ghost Claw 001
yeah, that second scenario seemed a bit risky
8/16 c422 Ghost Claw 001
Ooohhh nooooo, he got unmasked
8/16 c421 Ghost Claw 001
I mean, yeah, the body was not part of the deal lol
8/16 c420 Ghost Claw 001
oh, never really expected harry to be suicidal, guess it makes sense
8/16 c419 Ghost Claw 001
welp, that was fast, made me nervous ngl
8/16 c418 Ghost Claw 001
I mean, if it happens like in the books, he is just gonna live it out
8/16 c417 Ghost Claw 001
dissapointment after dissapointment, damn
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