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1/17 c378 Blue-Happens
is he gonna kill dumbledore? could he even? ooooh i cant wait to see how this shit goes down
1/16 c330 Blue-Happens
why did you jumpscare me. wtf dobby
1/16 c326 Blue-Happens
i know fanfic like covering stuff like this, but for real, absolutely no way that would happen irl. it almost feels groom-y
1/16 c323 Blue-Happens
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm you little-

i am not often bothered by 'shipping' stuff, but this is horrible. What? i guess i should have expected this because you inserted a fake twin, but wtf
1/16 c17 Lukoshi
From everything I've read so far it sounds like the MC really screwed up by not going to Beauxbatons. Especially since they seem far more competent when it comes to education.
1/16 c313 Blue-Happens
the author asked people who didnt like the sin vault/mental stuff how they would have done it. and when i took a step back, i realize i didn't like Quinn not knowing for so long, being manipulated, it was a overly long period of helplessness.

this more recent version was frustrating initially because Quinn should have known 100% not to go down there, especially not to set it off. it doesn't fit the internal logic of the story.

getting past that tho, i have no problem with how you're doing it at this chapter to be fair. solving something, even failing at it is much more engaging.
1/16 c310 Blue-Happens
hmmm. that's an odd arc to add. especially since if you reference it directly even once for the next 40 years of Quinns life then you fuck with the older, who would almost certainly come back to fix it.

if this was a for real novel, and i was an editor i'd tell you to get rid of this bit, cut it from the final product as it doesn't add anything, but thankfully here in fanfic we dont have to be as strict about it
1/15 c296 Blue-Happens
this is some horse-shit
what. why would you afflict him twice, then solve it the same damn way. i hope this is a joke cliffhanger
1/15 c287 Blue-Happens
i'm a bit confused on why Quinn went back to that vault. it went poorly the first time, and hes not being urgent about fixing the problem this time despite knowing its effecting him.

i understand wanting to complete the set, close off that plot point, get all 5, etc. But. Why in the world is he letting those voices sit there? what's the benefit
1/13 c439 MargaritaS
Wow, over 400 chapters, I have been reading this for almost a week and I loved it. It is so impressive that you managed to complete an entire series rewrite (that wasn't just a slightly changed recap) in less than 2 years. You mentioned that you were not completely happy with how it turned out, but I think you are being too hard on yourself. You can always find ways to improve but you should definitely be proud of this masterpiece. I can't wait to see what you come up with next :)
1/13 c167 Blue-Happens
you little- i know what i ship for this fic, and you keep teasing me with it. idk why the heck so many fic's go for fleur, very few of them are able to portray her as anything other than basic boring character she is in cannon.
veela? seriously? literally only added to make a super sexy teen to complicate the main cast's hormones in the most straightforward way possible
1/13 c106 Blue-Happens
i am hyped about my professor eggfort quotes

the last fenix is his paramor, he boned that bird
1/13 c96 Blue-Happens
i thought the whole point of the killing curse is that it isnt stoppable via shield spell

is this 'silver shield spell' super op? you kinda brushed over this, makes me feel like an error rather than a choice
1/13 c73 Blue-Happens
i'm glad its over, but considering how off put i was by it, you ended that arc of the story rather well. put some meaning and work into the new info/power buff instead of only a monologue. still not a fan of the emotional manipulation, but the rest of this has been great! cant wait to keep reading
1/12 c54 Blue-Happens
this 'vault of sin' arc actually bothers me. it makes sense it would play out like that, but the device your using, clueing in the audience while the character is clueless, has a distinct negative effect to the text in this case

its hard to articulate, but its difficult to read, and not in the good emotional way. its the first chapter this effect is introduced, and imma keep reading anyway so hopefully it gets better
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