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1/12 c15 Blue-Happens
i get that Amos diggery is quite animated, but every time i think about his character its mostly him screaming "my son" when cedric's corpse flops on the green.
part of my mind went, "its unfair to judge a man to be emotional based solely on when his son died" but it's not solely that, you're factually correct about his personage

i'm liking this so far, and considering there's like 400 of them these chapters are reasonably paced
12/31/2023 c68 harripotterette
He should have just apologized to her.
12/28/2023 c439 Guest
Great Story. And it's finished too.
12/12/2023 c1 slightly12212
Good story, but i feel like the MC makes some questionable and idiotic ideas sometimes.
12/7/2023 c290 Dretnuh
So he doesn’t know what a psychiatrist is, but he knows how to spell it… righhhttttt…
12/7/2023 c271 Dretnuh
Bruh! The girl asking the question literally had enough time to say “this is ridiculous!” That is more words then Quinn simply finishing his sentence to say who the new professor is! Wtf
12/7/2023 c271 Dretnuh
I’m so confused, why tf is Quinn cutting himself of just to greet people…
Like “oh the new professor isOh sorry, can’t say the last 2 words of the sentence… the door is opening, i need to say hello to these new people and it CANNOT wait the amount of time it takes me to say the last 2 words of this sentence…”
Like that honestly just seems rude asf to the chick who keeps asking him the question lmao.
12/4/2023 c167 Dretnuh
Ughhh, why do you play with my heart like this…. How can you resist such a fine honey like Fleur?!
And she french?! That just makes her hotter! Anddd she good at magic, not quite Quinn’s equal of course but a powerful witch in her own right…
I just feel I would be much more satisfied with this story if he got with Fleur. Or I mean if he just went with 1 or the other I’d prolly be cool too but idk that’s just me i guess
12/4/2023 c160 Dretnuh
Every single time Fleur and Quinn interact it just makes me wish that was the pairing lol.
12/4/2023 c156 Dretnuh
Everytime you mention Fleur I just get sad that Quinn’s not paired with her
12/4/2023 c151 Dretnuh
I’m with mr. editor here. This fic should be Quinn x Fleur! Like i get that Fleur’s allure is part of why he calls her beautiful, but she’s like the only one he consistently everytime he see’s her is calling her beautiful. Plus I feel she’s much more his equal when it comes to magic then the other. Plus his mom is from france and shit, easy connections… and I’ve never seen him calling who he ends up with attractive in any of their interactions…?
12/1/2023 c141 Dretnuh
Bruh I feel like Quinn would have been the perfect character for a Fleur pairing with his background. Plus I’m pretty sure this is the only time I’ve seen him call someone beautiful as soon as he meets them. I mean i guess who ends up with is fine too… kinda weird but fine in the end.
11/28/2023 c439 Guest
Thank you for a great long story
11/21/2023 c330 5dmafia ruler
Whoah whoah whoah Dobby DID WHAT
11/17/2023 c85 Tony McNucklz
What's to worry about? if he hadn't made the words, he could have waved and swam away. told them later he was curious about the lake and exploring. boom, job done. he's literally widely known for exploring the castle, it's perfect and merits no further questioning beyond whether he found anything interesting. This is artificially manufactured drama.
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