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6/22/2021 c40 scyfly
everyone signing for something they buy is really really stupid, they could easily be signing a magical contract hidden by a glamour. the goblet of fire showed how dangerous a written name can be
6/22/2021 c36 scyfly
pretty sure it wasnt the fault of the cold vault he nearly died. what kind of moron walks into such a thing when being warned of death without warming charms without any prep for that matter
6/22/2021 c34 scyfly
there is dissapointingly little flair, take this whole yule ball, nothing is happening no witty banter it just is. where is the gossip about dumbledore and his corridor of death or the 'rumors' of the troll. hell you could even have put in a bit about fudge and how malfoy was bragging with his name to denigrade halfbloods 'such an uncultered swine, how far they have fallen'

you know something more instead of just introductions and saying how besutifull sophie is. even the encounter with malfoy snr was only won because of his grandfather, basicly he pulled a draco
6/22/2021 c32 scyfly
the advice you are given lily is ridiculous. snape is one of those ppl that loves to play up the victim role. everything that goes wrong is the fault of others but def not of snape, for all his brilliance he is just a whining petulent brat.

lily becoming friends with him would have to be totally from lily's side as snape is just plain unpleasant to be around
6/22/2021 c30 scyfly
so he does his best to hide his abilities and ignores commen sense to keep the plot intact but when the trolls show up he suddenly throws caution out of the window?
6/22/2021 c30 scyfly
story is getting a bit aimless, the horcrux is ignored so is quirrell meanwhile quinn is pretty much wasting his time and constantly hiding his potential.

if he made a simple map of hogwarts he could easily sell them at their store in hogsmeade.

he lacks purpose and tbh a spine
6/22/2021 c28 scyfly
yeah nothing creepy about asking for IOU for such simple tasks
6/22/2021 c28 scyfly
talking to yourself is a sign of madness you know, quinn def qualifies
6/22/2021 c21 scyfly
you have here a whole list of magic that isnt taught at hogwarts, yet all i see is three different schools: charmsalchemy and soul magic. the rest all falls under charms really just like conjuring is a subset of transfiguration.
at best your subjects could be practical application of magic but there are a lot missing that would make a whole lot more sense then abjuration
6/22/2021 c21 scyfly
better question why would his magic change 12pm on the dot, would that mean if he was in an other time zone it wouldve happened later?
6/22/2021 c18 scyfly
yes a block of wood in a library trunk with do not touch on it will def not be touched, after all the effort i did to get in your trunk your warning is gonna keep me away instead of thinking it a weird coffee table.

what a bunch a drama for a wand. how on earth are you gonna fake his stick as a wand? seeing you have already estsblished how differently wandless works and beams can only work with wands this should be impossible
6/22/2021 c18 scyfly
i highly doubt the ministry can regulate expansion charms for trunks. once you know the concept you should easily be able to work from there to create it yourself. i actually think these things are mostly self done or specially ordered from a friend. def not a standard shop who sells the things.

its a shame what you did to alchemy, how would advanced potion making create a stone that can turn lead into gold? FMA is more like transfiguration in HP. the transmutation you mention would IMO fall under transformation where you change the form instead of mutate it into something else.
if alchemy is advanced potion making snape would def have his own philosopher stone
6/22/2021 c16 scyfly
why does quinn hide his wandless magic from his grandfather? i cant find a good reason
6/22/2021 c14 scyfly
i wonder why he hasnt done something about harry. he did just leave a child in his cupboard for no good reason...

same with sirius

you can do a lot without letting anyone know
6/22/2021 c11 scyfly
i would sooner call potions ritual magic as you sacrifice the ingredients and combine it into something new.

i'd also figure that with transfiguration simply changing the shape is permanent. you can multiply food so even if you change a shape into something bigger that should not matter that much. quality would prob depent on skill.
if this is not the case then you spend seven years learning how to create temporary stools... and nothing else. who would bother with that?
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