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11/17/2023 c73 Tony McNucklz
What was the point of the muai thai beyond giving him his idea? i mean why have a character learn martial arts? it's like every shitty trope from a decade ago is surfacing in this story. fisticuffs somehow having relevance with a wizard that can reshape reality with a flick of his wrist.
11/16/2023 c305 Sicarius Claraflam
Alternate demension Quinn? Plot? Sin-Quinn from another planet? A secret West? Idk
11/15/2023 c67 Tony McNucklz
Well, if hee isn't keeping it, he can at least make sure he can't be tracked by whoever has it. or maybe make it so he can manipulate it, make it show things to the holder that aren't true. that way he can make whoever has it think he is in one place, when he's in another. a much more useful adaptation.
11/15/2023 c66 Tony McNucklz
why bother with predtending like it wasn't patently obvious that his old occlumency teacher would be the one? i mean seriously, finishing like that was a big reveal with a cheesy cop drama closing scene? the second i clocked the emotion magic i figured either he'd figure it out or the occlumency teacher was coming back. what other narrative direction could there be?
11/15/2023 c65 Tony McNucklz
ok, so he went for his wand. woopdeedoo. he's a wizard. still, nice that he finally noticed a complete change to his personality.
11/15/2023 c63 Tony McNucklz
DAw, he could have klepped the whole thing. what a waste. hell, even the shredded eyes could have made for some interesting study.
11/15/2023 c62 Tony McNucklz
plus, getting the map assures that nobody but him can track the school at that level, and his knowledge of everything, EVERYTHING about the Chamber that not even Dumbledore himself could seem to find out, will make him seem vastly more dangerous in their minds. He isn't the Heir, and he still had everything about the Chamber just sitting around. An impenetrable legend, and he just had all the pertinent information.
11/15/2023 c62 Tony McNucklz
That will certainly be an experience that stickes with them. only thing is, they might feel safe later, so he may need to remind them that he can't be held off by the staff, or mummy and daddy. after all, he's a perfect law abiding student.
11/15/2023 c61 Tony McNucklz
The adults encourage these two to be snoops, to break rules because they are beyond meaningful repercussions. I think it's time they faced some.
11/15/2023 c60 Tony McNucklz
huh, guess harry didn't have it long enough.
11/15/2023 c59 Tony McNucklz
Also, it's bizarre his occlumency isn't noticing anything strange.
11/15/2023 c59 Tony McNucklz
huh... so now he really will be the heir. shite.

Nice move by quinn, except he should have told Ivy she has the pleasure of informing her brother, ron, and hermione that they all owe an individual huge debt each. better than just one, since each one of them owes him huge now. he could have even bunred one for refusing somehow, to let them know that debts matter, and they don't get to decide here.
11/15/2023 c57 Tony McNucklz
ok, so he's in a slytherin student from the robes. doubt he'd waste time transfiguring them to be green trimmed if he was just going to have to undo it.
11/15/2023 c56 Tony McNucklz
definitely lust related. green, gotta be envy. so what, he's feeling emotions more deeply, and it's affecting his magic?
11/15/2023 c55 Tony McNucklz
red, something anger related. violet pride. pink is probably lust related.
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