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9/4 c39 AidualcLupa
I came across you through a link from CaliforniaKat and am blown away by your compelling stories! Great style and exciting tales - just awesome! Only your tendency to expose Sookie to such abuse and torture, over years, unsettles me and deters me from making your stories my favorites.
This Sookie in particular, with her potential as a vampire, would deserve a sequel. Pretty please!
7/9 c39 Meglit
One of the best stories I have ever read thank you
4/12 c38 Guest
4/12 c16 cela whitney
since vampires are the world's biggest gossips did bill tell whoever it is?
4/12 c4 cela whitney
so she's going to reveal she's a telepath?
4/12 c3 cela whitney
I won't be surprised if her maker is Bill, and I will cheer and clap if Eric kills him, after he releases her of course.
4/12 c2 cela whitney
she had been a prisoner for ten years?
2/2 c39 ericlover69
Great ending to a great story. Thank you and keep going girl!
2/2 c38 ericlover69
Well, that was epic. I hope they get some peace now.
2/2 c36 ericlover69
That was a great battle. Good job.
2/2 c34 ericlover69
Can't wait for what happens next.
2/2 c33 ericlover69
The plot thickens.
2/2 c32 ericlover69
Great chappy!
2/2 c31 ericlover69
Sweet and hot as hell.
2/2 c30 ericlover69
We hot damn, FINALLY! They pulled their heads out of their asses!
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