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4/1/2022 c36 elsie bailey
I don’t care what I’m doing or where I am. I see Pink Hair and Roses and I am reading the update. Phew…that Andrea is going to get it.
4/1/2022 c36 ljhjelm49
Oh shit that is crazy! Andre is in trouble.
3/31/2022 c35 8ciasteczko
What a cliffy.
3/30/2022 c35 ljhjelm49
Oh no!
3/29/2022 c35 elsie bailey
Thank you for your update. I will read this multiple times, chewing on my nails.
3/29/2022 c35 randomaok
Oy vay. I guess I can't blame Sookie, but she needs to think it through. Haha
3/29/2022 c35 VAlady
Melanie, darn.
3/28/2022 c35 alj797
Goodness! It’s ramping up!
3/28/2022 c35 Pasadena
Unexpected twist. I like it.
3/28/2022 c35 Duckbutt
It was going all so well and now this. Jade Flower or another of Arkansas' minions perhaps? Ugh...nothing ever goes easy for Sookie. Looking forward to more updates!
3/27/2022 c5 1drh25
I had no idea what would happen in this story based off your description, but I love your writing and this is no exception! Amazing story! Thanks for a great chapter! Sorry I am too engrossed in the tale to remember to review every chapter
3/27/2022 c34 alj797
Thank you. The whole shifter idea has seemed such a wasted opportunity until now.
3/25/2022 c34 Perfecta999
Oh please update I need answers
3/23/2022 c34 8ciasteczko
You updated! I loved the new chapter!
3/21/2022 c34 randomaok
Loving this! She's really growing.
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