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1/26/2022 c32 2FanFicGirl5000
Thanks for the update
1/26/2022 c32 Pasadena
I look forward to each new chapter. Greetings from Poland!
1/26/2022 c32 ljhjelm49
1/23/2022 c31 Perfecta999
1/17/2022 c31 8ciasteczko
Awesome chapter.
1/15/2022 c31 rebecca t.p. wrecker
Beautifully written.
1/12/2022 c31 Bschoen515comca
He said it! They did it! I liked it
1/13/2022 c31 esvamlover58
Love the story so far. Hope to see more chapters. I normally don’t read stories that are not complete but this one has caught my attention and I’m glad that I started it. But now I’m looking for more. Great job so for. Thank you for all your hard work with this
1/11/2022 c31 Duckbutt
Glad the walls seem to be coming down between Eric and Sookie. will this complicate their work with the Queen?
1/11/2022 c31 shoegirl01
Now that’s one way of communicating!
1/11/2022 c31 ljhjelm49
Awesome chapter. Finally some comfort for these two.
1/11/2022 c31 msbuffy52
That was perfect and beautiful. You captured Sookie's emotions as a survivor perfectly. Your writing continues to astound me & I can't wait for more. Thank you for the excellent update ️!
1/11/2022 c31 drkraez
Finally! Thank you. Hoping all the angst is behind them! Wonder what Pam will say!
1/11/2022 c31 randomaok
Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! Thanks so much, I've been missing this story
1/11/2022 c31 Sooty85
At last !
Both in love, both happy and both enjoyed the love making. I worried that Sookie having only known rape wouldn’t be able to enjoy it, but she did (well who wouldn’t enjoy some Eric Northman loving ;~D. )
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