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2/2 c29 ericlover69
Hopefully, these kids can get past all this. I know you won't let us down.
2/2 c26 ericlover69
As always, excellent. I still have bad feelings about Salome and Andre.
2/2 c25 ericlover69
What a cluster...for everyone.
2/2 c23 ericlover69
How will Sookie react? I'm glad you're going with the SVM Sophie-Anne, not the TB one. She was much more tolerable.
2/2 c22 ericlover69
Oh boy, Sophie-Ann. What could she be up to?
2/2 c21 ericlover69
So much anguish and angst. I can't help but feel Salome problems ahead.
2/2 c19 ericlover69
Good riddance to the scumbag. Now, I e pe tthey will have to deal with Salome.
2/2 c18 ericlover69
Mickey was not expected. Excellent twist. Great job incorporating Salome as his maker. Now, let's end the bastard.
2/2 c16 ericlover69
Oh shit!
2/2 c15 ericlover69
Crap. Compton! I hope he is not Sookie's maker. I love how sweet Pam is with her.
2/2 c14 ericlover69
Well, this is bad. Probably her fucking maker and his commands. Poor Sookie. And, fucking Eric for being impatient.
2/2 c13 ericlover69
That was sweet. I feel so bad for Sookie for all she's been through. I hope her maker is ended soon.
2/2 c11 ericlover69
This should be interesting and fun.
2/2 c10 ericlover69
I can't stop reading. I can't wait to get to the next installment. Great job!
2/2 c9 ericlover69
I love a spunky, strong Sookie. Great job.
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