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2/2 c8 ericlover69
2/2 c6 ericlover69
2/2 c5 ericlover69
Brest teist on Longshadow.
2/2 c4 ericlover69
Loved it!
2/2 c3 ericlover69
Poor Sookie. Her maker deserves everything coming to him.
2/2 c2 ericlover69
You never fail to blow my mind. I was not expecting this twist. I can't wait to see what you do with this.
2/2 c1 ericlover69
I am so glad to havefound your stories. Ihadbeen away from this fandom bcause it seemed to be stories give me hope.

What a great start.
1/20 c39 2Gwynwyvar
Now, that is a happy endingI love it. Thankyou for a beautiful, lightly angsty, sweet story.
I loved it all
1/20 c38 Gwynwyvar
Oh wow, forgot that. That was spectacular! Damn I thought it would be easy for Sookie.
Not so much.
There’s a photographer out there that needs tracking down maybe?
Holy cow
1/20 c37 Gwynwyvar
So, Sookie and Eric safe… check
Sookie is a kickass but still just her gentle self… check
Arkansas and complications sorted… check
One more twist to deal with? PricelessThis one has no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into lol
1/20 c36 Gwynwyvar
Like a knife fight in a phone box… and now I say that I feel old knowing a whole generation would have no reference for a phone box lol

Hopefully the powers that be will see it as righteous.

And yeah. Now I remember this twistAnd woohoo Sookie!
1/20 c35 Gwynwyvar
Oh no! I didn’t think the betrayal would come from there… damn it all.
Gah… must swipe!
1/20 c34 Gwynwyvar
Ooh an accidental bond, I knew those tears would mean somethingNow, shifter shifter shifter…..
How much can they reveal to Sophie-Anne without revealing this I wonder?
Oh wow, love love love love this story. Pretty sure I’ve read it before but I love it so much I don’t care!
Must flick next page
1/20 c31 Gwynwyvar
*doing a little happy jig*
I’ve been doing housework with the voice reader on, so sorry for lack of chapter reviews, but I had to stop and give this oneI love that this has progressed slowlyMaybe IRL Sookie would be too traumatised still to have taken this step, but it feels natural in ff world. She’s had space, time, and peace to overcome her demons herself. Don’t get me wrong, I also love theInsta-Love-cures-all wounds stories too, but this slow burn has been a sweet journeyAnd a nice soft sweet start to their next journey too.
Finally, in each others arms, ready to face the world
1/20 c11 Gwynwyvar
You go Sookie! You got yourself back, you’re getting there.
Step by step. Oh I want to see what she’s capable of, this sis going to be fun
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