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1/20 c7 2Gwynwyvar
I just want to say, I always love Ludwig!
I was wondering when Sookie would remember H could feel her.
Gah, please tell me she’s not going to try to self sacrifice!
Hope Eric catches that shite
1/20 c5 Gwynwyvar
Rest in ashes LongShadow you piece of excrement! Gah

Here’s another guy to reinforce themen can’t be trusted. At least he’s gone. Nice to hear that Sookie can read through glamour, that’s gonna be helpful
1/20 c3 Gwynwyvar
Pam’s momma instincts are kicking in.
And I have no idea who the maker is, but I want to stake him. I’m thinking of letting Pam and Eric have fun first… maybe…
1/20 c2 Gwynwyvar
Ok. So Michelle was seriously evil. Ouch.
Poor Sookie. I can’t imagine how she felt looking in the mirror the first time.
She’s in the right hands though
1/20 c1 Gwynwyvar
Oh yeah, I remember starting this… why do I think there was only one vampire.
Crap. Rough start for sookie
12/3/2022 c15 1SarannWrapp
Thank you for sharing your hard work. It has been an interesting read. I find myself struggling to comprehend your intentions for the timeline. It feels very compressed, particularly for the kind of mental damage Sookie is supposedly recovering from. Even just adding in some sentences that fast forward through a few weeks or months at a chunk would help sell the idea that she would be open to being alone with a physically imposing man, let alone being open to kissing him or believing he wants her for anything but her blood and sex, like all other men she's known before him. This concept ofcyours is quite a refreshing take on who Sookie could have been starting off, but it feels like getting her to a more book-canon personality is being rushed. We really should have seen more Feral Sookie and Claws Out Men's Eyes Sookie before we see anything rational. I mean, you've hammered home how she'd spent years in lockdown past the stage of being fully broken. Even before being turned, she would have been very withdrawn, with her hair dangling in a curtain of protection, with that kind of intense abuse. This Sookie will never be the brash, bubbly, bone headed bimbo of the books. She's gonna be fragile and warped and determined and angry and forlorn and probably very crazy. Like, plot to quietly but violently kill any mother she ever sees being the least bit nasty to her kids kind of crazy. I look forward to reading the treatment you give to your idea and hope this is more than just a creative new take on Eric takes Sookie asap. Again, thanks for sharing. Happy Writing!
9/28/2022 c39 7ncmiss12
Another Awesome chapter! I hated what happened to poor Sookie in this story, but it made her much stronger and much less whiney from other Sookie stories. Loved it! Her powers were really cool too. Sookie should glamour Andre to leave her and Eric alone and to find her repulsive, so he is not pining away and coming up with conniving plans to get her. Then she would never have to worry about Andrew again, even if the queen met her final death.
9/13/2022 c39 georgiasuzy
That was a good ending to your story. I loved the HEA. Great job!
9/12/2022 c38 georgiasuzy
That situation seemed so hopeless. But then Sookie came up with a plan and killed Salome! How ironic that Salome couldn't be glamored even when she was human.
9/12/2022 c37 georgiasuzy
Sookie is going to be very powerful with all these skills. But Salome, ugh! Maybe Sookie can glamour her.
9/12/2022 c36 georgiasuzy
I think Sookie glamoured her vampire kidnapper, which is so cool. I can't wait to find out!
9/12/2022 c35 georgiasuzy
Oh no! Looks like the traitor is Melanie, and Sookie walked right into her trap. This is exciting!
9/12/2022 c34 georgiasuzy
It's pretty cool that Sookie could hear the shifter in his animal form. I'm glad she likes feeling the bond, too.
9/12/2022 c33 georgiasuzy
I'm impressed with Sookie's progress. Eric summed it up so well. I just hope she doesn't mind the bond!
8/21/2022 c37 1AddictedToLoveStories
Oh damn
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