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4/25/2022 c39 HSkarsgard
Rather angsty but a good read overall.
4/23/2022 c39 2Gwynwyvar
Thankyou so much for a beautifully written story.
The twists, the turns… The ups and downs. The tears and laughter.
I loved Pam’s friendship with SookieI definitely wanted to slap Eric up the back of the head. Several times!

The ending was perfect.
Huge hugs and thanks again!
4/23/2022 c38 Gwynwyvar
I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…. Wowowowow!
4/23/2022 c37 Gwynwyvar
Ok. So one more obstacle to overcome. I wonder if Sookie is strong enough to help with this one.
I must read on… I definitely love this!
4/23/2022 c36 Gwynwyvar
Ok. So I’m not going to give details so anyone looking at comments don’t accidentally see spoilers but…
I love Sookies escape and the new development. Poor Bert
4/23/2022 c35 Gwynwyvar
Ok. Near the end and the queen is on Eric and Sookies side.
Deep breath.
It’s going to be ok. It’s going to be ok. It’s going to be ok.
4/23/2022 c34 Gwynwyvar
Wow Sookie! Nice jobNicely played all around!
And lmao she was floating without realising. No wonder Eric was momentarily distracted lol
4/23/2022 c24 Gwynwyvar
Sookie. Crap, why didn’t Eric feel her plans
4/23/2022 c23 Gwynwyvar
Gosh, just as the dust settles from Eric admitting his feelings.
I’m glad Sookie was able to come upstairs and as hard as it was for her to see Andre, at least the queen witnessed first hand how mentally damaged Sookie currently is.
Off to New Orleans and deal with Arkansas.
4/23/2022 c21 Gwynwyvar
Eric! Oh I want to slap him
Feeling are bad you big giant Viking Dufus!
4/23/2022 c20 Gwynwyvar
Oh my
My heart is bursting for Sookie.
Let the healing begin
4/22/2022 c19 Gwynwyvar
To be clear I love how it was written!
I just hate the things done to Sookie and Eric’s difficult battle. The hate is on behalf of Eric and Sookie. This was too well writtenHugs!
4/22/2022 c19 Gwynwyvar
Ok. So now they just have to deal with Salome. Very, very carefully.
Oh wow. Just wow.
I love and hate this chapter! But the ending, perfect!
4/22/2022 c18 Gwynwyvar
Yay for the blood tie forming!
The second he dropped the sword though…
4/22/2022 c17 Gwynwyvar
Frak it! Sookie is back in hell.
Ok, if Felicia was the lure deliberately, she was played. Maybe it was just a verbally freaking unlucky coincidence.
Ok, I didn’t guess this one.
And Eric going straight to somewhere Vampires hang smelling of Sookie… he is going to kick himself.

Cmon Pam and Eric!
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