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4/22/2022 c16 2Gwynwyvar
Crap crap crap. Not Bill, but was Bill lead by Felicia to drop enough hints to pique his interest?

Oh crap pity crap crap crap. Bills still a pile of horse dung for killing the girl as he tried to escape.
4/22/2022 c15 Gwynwyvar
Ok, so Eric gets it. It’s hard when the only person you can be angry with is yourself.
Sookie, gosh my heart is breaking.
And here Enters Billy Boy.
4/22/2022 c14 Gwynwyvar
Oh the Angst. Always one step too far Eric!
Geez, poor Sookie.
I don’t blame Pam for calling Eric to make him listen. Harsh, but necessary. Pam has been there through it all. Eric hasn’t so maybe he didn’t really understand.
Now he does
4/22/2022 c13 Gwynwyvar
Brown eyes. Little clues.
Sigh brilliant training session. So much fun. But this is sticky. Sookie is a Survivor, she has scars. I just hope Eric is patient enough to heal them
4/22/2022 c12 Gwynwyvar
Omg. A hovering Sookie! Pam will be furious if she can fly lol
4/22/2022 c11 Gwynwyvar
You go girl! Sookie slowly getting her groove back, not wanting to die is a definite start in the right directionSookie and Eric alone training next chapter, woohoo!
4/22/2022 c10 Gwynwyvar
Cheeky Eric. Of course he needed the stuff in his office at the house, lol
And Pam sending Sookie in with the blood. Lol.

This is the new:
WHO Shot JR -
WHO turned Sookie?
4/22/2022 c9 Gwynwyvar
Well, she’s not coming into her new life without a small nest egg. Cold comfort but there nonetheless.

And why did I just have a horrible suspicion that it might be Appius *shudders* I really hope not
4/22/2022 c8 Gwynwyvar
Oh lmao. I mention the Queens children as possible makers and that’s almost the first thing Eric thinks in this chapter. Great Minds think alike. Heheheheh

Ok, no jerk re Andre, was she too shocked to already hear Hadleys name?

Curious-er and curious-er
4/22/2022 c7 Gwynwyvar
Hmmm. Ok so the fairy is out of the bag now too.
And self replicating blood. Nice. Unfortunate previously but helpful now.

Lol Eric isn’t a quitter, I love his jokesSookie Sookie Sookie. She has no idea how strong Eric and Pam are.

Maybe Sookies maker is Andre? Or a Bert? Or Rasul?

Someone south. With a female maker…. Curious!
4/22/2022 c6 Gwynwyvar
Well, I guess with Corbett, Gran and Jason dead, it would have been easy enough for Michelle to fake Sookies death. No one to really look for her.
This Sookies Path is Dark Angst… definitely with Capitals!
4/22/2022 c5 Gwynwyvar
Bye bye LongShadow may you rest in Torment! Gah
Ok, so the Telepathy is out of the bag. Can see glamour, nice.
Why do I get the feeling o know who the maker is, but I could be surprised. Bill might turn out to be one of the good guys… maybe?
4/22/2022 c4 Gwynwyvar
Ummmmm shit LongShadow would have heard Sookie.
This could get interesting. And wow, Sookie is trusting Eric with this !
4/22/2022 c3 Gwynwyvar
Ok. I adore this Pam. She is perfect. And dang dang dang. Sookies history? Just wow.

One of her captors dead, one to go…. With a strong blood tie to her… eek!
4/22/2022 c2 Gwynwyvar
Oh crap. Who turned Sookie. Man. This is a dark beginning but Pam is awesome
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