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for King of Winter

9/26 c26 Guest
Its been 2 fucking years where the hell is the next chapter.
8/3 c6 Guest
Rum is not made from corn. Rum is made from sugar cane.

Whiskey or bourbon is made from corn mixed with wheat and/or rye. Bourbon is at least 51% corn.
6/7 c26 lord of the east
This fic is quite amazing!
I hope you continue it someday...
5/23 c26 simonkonig33
Please update
3/16 c2 Kingola
You wiped out the Frey and Skagosi but not the Bolton line which is an immediate threat to Stark rule
3/16 c1 Kingola
Ned didn’t need to marry Cat since the North has control of the bridge of house Frey and 80,000 men no alliance by marriage is needed
2/8 c6 Theon Greyjoy
Great Jon/Margaery.
12/6/2022 c6 3OneDocToHealThemAll
Just FYI; Rum is made from sugar cane, not corn.
12/5/2022 c8 PKnight18
In previous chapter red rain was hanging on wall and now it’s on Cregans side.
11/24/2022 c26 Daemoniorum
Really enjoyed reading it. Beyond frustrated that its on hiatus/abandoned but a fun read nonetheless
10/15/2022 c12 Mark
They are horse archers and would have shot as many arrows at the Golden company and their forces as possible. With 40,000 horse archers raining arrows on you it opens wholes with you would charge and exploit. Genghis Khan created one of the biggest kingdoms in history using horse archers, although he did have more cavalry than just horse archers. I understand if you dislike the Dothraki but it should have been a much more costly victory for anyone.
8/16/2022 c22 1AiyaKnight
no way full bullshit would he ever give that sword away. i call bullshit
8/5/2022 c15 5dan4eva
7/27/2022 c26 suryamgangwal63
any news on the next update?
7/22/2022 c26 tenxxxlll
I feel like the Euron line doesn't need to happen. It's a great story so far but it kinda ruins it.
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