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10/2/2021 c21 19Puffgirl1952 the 2nd
Keep rocking, rolling and writing
9/30/2021 c20 JUANMARTIN202000
es una historia que promete mucho, es buenisima no la dejes, al menos es crativo
9/26/2021 c20 Proll
Not believable. Baelish is a snake. He wouldn't act if he isn't sure. He would have known that Vale lord's rebel if he acted. So he would have hidden his hand. Marrying Lysa when he doesn't have enough leverage over Vale lord's, It's not a Little finger we know. As much as I hate his character, I have to admit he is dangerously smart. In show only his feelings towards Sansa compromised his decisions and caused his downfall.
9/25/2021 c10 Proll
" Then have 20 ships pass through the Northern Cannal to join the 50 ships posted on our Western Coast. We must be weary of the Ironborn, as they will use any sign of weakness as an opportunity to raid. Lord Manderly, would you be willing to offer support to our Eastern Navy with a few of your ships?"

What the hell. Two chapters ago Benjen already said that he will send 20 ships to the western coast to reinforce the 50ships stationed there. Now he is ordering Benjen and Lord Manderly to do what they have done already. It's not a good sign when author forgets his own plot.
9/25/2021 c9 Guest
Wait. Joffrey called Stannis into an honor duel. Than when Stannis was winning Jaime interfered. When even he was beaten by an injured Stannis Arys Oakheart interfered and lost. In the end it was Gregor Clegane attacked and finished him. And my question. What the hell was doing Stannis' bannermen? Watching their king being piled up?
9/26/2021 c20 7raw666
I also argue Baleish has less power, for, without Sansa, he has one less asset. Since I am sure despite his claim, most realize who the girl is as they try to tie the North and the Vale to Henry or their children. No Sansa means fewer reasons to play nice with the arrogant lord. One that is good taking advantage of troubles that exist but sucks at the actual planning that requires more than manipulation at the moment.
Good job, and keep up the great work.
9/20/2021 c20 2JustAnotherFan217
Liked the chapter! The Vale going independent is an iffy situation if it’s not handled correctly. I mean, if the Iron Throne survives, theres going to be a lot of pressure on them. You could lose all trade, and while that wouldn’t affect a medieval society as much as a modern one, it would still be a big blow: it could also end up with them simply becoming beholden to the Winter Throne for that trade, which would be dangerous itself. The Vale and the North have a long history of war against each other, and who is to say future Starks wouldn’t take advantage to make the Vale subservient?

There is also the fact that Harry the Heir was seen as a bit an idiot. If I remember right he was mostly incompetent. I also always had this feeling that he would walk around calling himself the “Heir to the Vale” and thus earned the moniker Harry the Heir in a mocking way. I mean, I can’t think of any other reason that he would end up with that as a moniker, considering no one else was referred to that way.

Either way, very interesting development, looking forward to seeing where it goes.
9/19/2021 c12 2SEAGUL
“…each column out front has lost about three thirds of their men."

Three Thirds? So all of them?
9/18/2021 c20 19Puffgirl1952 the 2nd
I LOVE this and hope to read more...this is a very good twist...
9/18/2021 c20 aussieKayz
This is a absolutely great story. Love reading it and waiting for the next chapter
9/15/2021 c20 xlx
es muy aburrida la serie, todos son debiles menos los norteños los niveles de poder estan tan dispar que llega ser ridículo.
9/15/2021 c15 xlx
estan demasiado rotos los norteños, hizo que la batalla fue muuuuy aburrida
9/13/2021 c20 246vili
Finally the Vale Lords questions the sanity of their Lady and the parentage of Robin.
The Vale is as good as independent.

With House Lannister's power pretty much gutted, there isn't much threat to the Vale, if they can secure a non-agression pact or alliance with the North.

And yeah, mostly what Baelish has on many Lords are information to blackmail them. But if somethink would happen to our least favorite Master of Coin, all that dirt is less effective.
I mean, who would be able to blackmail the Vale Lords with Bealish's informations?

Keep up the good work.
9/11/2021 c20 1DanielHimura
Other than the fact that you just copied the Great Jon crowing Robb it was fine.
9/11/2021 c20 kalipendragon
Nice chapter! Is this the beginning/return of independent kingdoms? Because I'm all for that lol
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