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9/11/2021 c20 Wulfkin17
Given the Head of House Lannister, and the true power behind the Iron Throne, is dead. There's no valid reason for them sto stick it out with them, especially with the theories of bastard kings and lords being the option given to them. I'm just seeing this invite the entirity of the Six collapse and the North taking a nice chunk for themselves out of the Riverlands and some of the West. All that's left at the point is the Crownlands/Stormlands(not really. Lol)/Reachlands(which you can bet will probably drop out super quick since they have no legit ties to the Throne either.). Which leaves the Iron Born and the Dornish, and I'm not even needing to go into their loyalties. The Falcons have it right, as long as they don't attempt to go all chivalrous on the North. Just take a step back and consolidate their power. But Idk what type of Harry the Heir you are introducing. Dany will def have her work cut out for her though if she does come back ever. Literally having to pick up the pieces of her Kingdom piece by piece. And still the North would have the ability to plead neutral. Hahaha
9/11/2021 c20 Guest
Yes, the chapter was quite short but the vale scene didn't need to be any longer. There should have been another scene but this is as good an ending for a chapter as any so I'll let it pass. Hope we get a longer chapter next time
9/11/2021 c20 Ezylryb
Great chapter
9/11/2021 c20 4HarwinSnow
The only true threat to the Vale has always been infighting. If they figure it out, they won’t conquer anyone but they may be safe from attack in their natural refuge.

Interesting shift and great chapter.
9/11/2021 c20 The Lion's Pride
Applause to author.
Good work man.
Though I hope you would add some twist of Baelish getting some upper hand against Lords Declarant. Cause that snake is slippery and still has fangs.
Anyhow good job.
9/11/2021 c1 Guest
It’s a fucking stark wank fic. Your first sentence let alone paragraph brought that to my attention. Not my thing I also don’t like Jon in fics.
9/11/2021 c20 PraetorXyn
Hmm. I like an independent Vale, but I'm not sure they'd get behind Harry the Heir. Given how the crux of this story seems to be Old Gods vs New, or First Men vs Andals, I'd have thought the Royces would use the lack of any legitimate Arryn left to reclaim the Kingship the Andals stole from them.
9/11/2021 c20 2xLucqs
as long as peter, lysa or robin isn't ruling the vale and doesn't bother the north then I'm all for it, fuck Joffrey!
9/11/2021 c20 joharasbel
good job
9/11/2021 c20 Kuman
I think that after the Dance of the Dragons, with no more dragons to enforce the Iron Throne's will, there should have been more wars of independence. The only kingdom that declared itself independent was the Stormlands when the Laughing Storm was humiliated when Aegon V's son Duncan Targaryen married a commoner instead of his daughter. In a civil war like the war of five kings, each kingdom declaring its own independence would make a lot more sense since the Iron Throne seems to only benefit a few kingdoms (Reach, Riverlands and Stormlands) while the rest get leeched to death (North and Vale) or are ruled semi-autonomously (Dorne and to a certain extent the Westerlands)

You've done the logical choice of having the Vale declaring its independence. Only Harrold Hardyng wouldn't be called Harry in such a formal and important occasion imo :)
9/11/2021 c20 ClassicXD
I like your choice to have to make the independent, it's not a decision I've seen very much so it pleases me greatly :D I always liked the idea, the Vale is perfectly placed for independence with its terrain and geographical location means they can defend themselves easily (like hell, without dragons NOBODY could invade them, not to mention how badass their soldiers are) also they can trade with Essos pretty well and not have to be so economically dependent on the Seven Kingdoms. But in this case they are so close to the North that they have a perfect trading partner with the prosperous Northern Kingdom.

It's also good to see Baelish get his ass handed to him. Can't wait to see how he and Joffrey reacts. The Vale was the landing place of the Andals and one of the most religious Kingdoms, so for Joffrey it will be a huge kick to the shin. He'll be pissed! lol.
9/11/2021 c20 1Thranduil Arryn
Loved the chapter. Alwa6s been a fan of the Arryn's so it's great to see them break free and declare Harry their king. Maybe they can get an alliance with the North also.
9/6/2021 c9 Zack Sager
it was the Targyens
9/6/2021 c19 anja.quickert.9
9/5/2021 c19 Guest
The attack on the ironborn makes sense. They stayed neutral so have a lot of men. They would undoubtedly try to attack the north again when they fight the others in the long night which can cause major problems. A full mounted attack on the ironborn that cripples them for a few decades or perhaps a few generations can ensure that they the north can focus on the long night and the eventual rebuilding they will have to do as a consequence of the long night in peace without having to worry about the ironborn attacking them.
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