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6/26/2021 c8 ATP
Why Ned married Catelyn? there was no need for following canon,he should marry North.
And,by taking Tyrrel wife,Jon must now participate in any South was mistake.
6/26/2021 c8 mauro2312
So far a beautiful story,just an advocate and suggestion.
How is the relations between Dorne and the North after the sack?
How is littlefinger doing? Will the North force the Vale join the fight?
Is Cat being played but bealish? Did she renounce to the old gods?
While I love Nedshara,in this story doesn't make sense,but another is the North marrying into the Tully' explain that.
6/26/2021 c3 4HarwinSnow
I like the lore your building and it feels very northern. I wonder how the night’s watch works since there aren’t any imminent threats for thousands of years from the north.

I’m also interested to see the development of characters like Lyanna, which we are aware of her have never really met, and how the change in rank for characters like Robb and Ned will affect them.

Looking forward to more
6/26/2021 c8 2xLucqs
joffrey fighting stannis, renly and a strong north who have the reach on their side. gl joffrey.
6/24/2021 c7 Goodda
Cool so far
6/24/2021 c7 Guest
I hope that "The Targaryens are the rightfull rulers" Gets out of Dany. Honestly the Targs are the worst
6/23/2021 c7 PraetorXyn
Hmm. Not a bad chapter, just don't know what to think about the Targaryens yet. Since it's a Stsrk-centric story for once I don't really care about them. But if they turn their dragons on the North I'd want them crushed like ants.

My two favorite stories in the entire fandom center around Stark vs Targaryen, probably because it's such a rare thing for a story to be anything but Targwank that the only way to make it not Targwank is to make them antagonists.
6/23/2021 c7 3RHatch89
I think you are definitely setting up a Faegon situation. If he can't feel the dragons like Daenerys can... hmmm... interesting :)
6/23/2021 c7 ATP
Something told me,that Robert had nothing to do with Viserys death.
6/23/2021 c7 Cam.Katarn
Well you win some you lose some, all you can do is push forward.
6/23/2021 c7 246vili
An intersting angle with the Targaryens.
Again, it's good to read something that isn't at lest 80% canon with relatively small changes here and there.
Btw, wasn't Blackfyre lost at some point?

The War of the Five Kings most likely still happen, but differently.
For one, Renly's soon to be power base will be smaller now that Margeary is already married. At best, I guess Renly could try to have Loras ask his sister for an alliance with the North. Provided the two still have their not-so-secret relationship.

I do wonder how will the North get involved in this war.
My best bet is Joffrey will be stupid enough to attack the Reach for their alliance with the "heathen" North. Or block all trade going to the North. Then Jon will have to defend his wife's homeland, and his people's grain supply for the winter.

Keep up the good work.
6/23/2021 c7 asonia99
Well Yeah, it is less than the other, but still quite good for a filler chapter. Since I didn't skim through it like in other ff.
Faegon has a claim so bad not even pre_canon Dany believe it, lol.
Really nervous about what you're going to do with the dragon eggs, since the way they hatched in canon was very specific, so it's gonna be hard not to have it look for ed into a Targ wank.
6/22/2021 c2 Luke Baratheon
Nice read but few things disturb me. The fact that North is so much populated with large cities doesn't fit well. Even mediaeval Constantinople never had a population more than 400K. London had about 35K while Paris some 200kish. Wintertown should ideally have a population of 50K-100K while White Harbor about 80K. The whole of North plus beyond the wall should have a roughly 5-6 million people, sparsely distributed in villages.
Second issue why Robb and Ned are still called Lords shouldn't they be called as Prince. Eddard is the son of the King.
Anyways Joffery turning Pious is impressive alternate character trait. The cadet houses are also very detailed and looks realistic. More Valyrian steel swords are nice addition. I am glad that Domeric Bolton still lives and Sansa is going to marry him.
6/22/2021 c6 rumtrepreneur
Tallharts were pretty wealthy - "pretty wealthy" sounds kind of informal and out of character from Margorie, whom is royalty (I would suggest you try to keep her voice more sophisticated so she feels closer to royalty).
"The royal family used corn to produce rum" is incorrect flaco. Corn produces bourbon, so out of context (bourbon being produced exclusively from American soil since forever, may give you a chance to imply as a "new kind of whisky made out of corn, similar but sweeter". Rum is only made out of sugar cane, produced only in tropical or hotter, more humid places like maybe the south.
6/22/2021 c6 mlkoolc86
This is interesting! I like it!
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