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6/21/2021 c6 Imagination 3101
Nice story. Looking forward to read more
6/20/2021 c6 Sageofchaos
hope to read more.
6/20/2021 c6 guest44
love the chapter
one thing though. Rum is not made from corn, but from sweeter ingredients like molasses, sugarcane juice and (possible to make in the north) maple syrup.
6/19/2021 c6 3RHatch89
Awesome update :)
6/19/2021 c6 jmknz777
great keep going
6/19/2021 c6 Qwert

The riverlands are the southern border. Marrying the eldest of the border lord's daughters is a direct route to taking over the territory if Edmure dies. Who are the Lords of Starfall? The standard bearers of the continent's smallest kingdom which is entirely occupied by the desert? What is the benefit of Starfall? No swords, no trade. The culture of the North?! They are savages who have forgotten even their real language, even without being conquered. The North can turn up its nose as much as it likes, but it is the cultural and economic periphery of the continent, dependent on food from the south. Mistreatment of John-betray-them-all? What are you talking about? Kat was cold to him and didn't consider him her child, but he wasn't her child. He's a bastard. And how bastards hate legitimate children was demonstrated by the fate of Domeric Bolton and the Black Flame Rebellion. Sansa is the smartest of Eddard's children. Arya didn't even know the symbols of Papani's main standard bearers, and in Harrenhal she stared blankly at the Northerners ' captives and thought Sansa would have recognized them.
And the conflict on the Ruby Ford? Even when Mika (the boy is a chattel of House Baratheon as Bae, so Joffrey is completely in his own right) ran away, Arya continued to throw stones at the prince with a stick. Berserk snotty. And when the wolf bit through the boy's arm, who dared to defend himself, she picked up the sword and threw it into the river. She wanted to mock the groom of a beautiful and successful sister whom she envied. Despite the fact that Arya perfectly understands the subordination and punishment of the lower ones - how famously she threatened the guards in the capital that daddy would put their heads on the wall. But it does not allow application to itself. And Dad didn't even flog his fucking daughter, even though she didn't lose her hand just because of Robert and Ned's friendship. Yoren flogged Arya, who suddenly became wiser. In the place of the pampered (and then Arya had taken a beating) Joffrey (and not used to aggression), an ordinary noble who had been trained to fight since childhood, the madwoman was cut in half on bare instincts.
6/19/2021 c6 246vili
Thx for the update.

Nice summary of some parts of the North. Makes sense the Free Folk north of the Wall would keep their clan structure led by an elected clanhead. And that with the North having a fleet, they would be more rich from trading with Essos.
A bit suprised the Skagstarks of Skagos do whaling, considering the people of Ib had sort of a monopoly on whaling in canon. But of course in canon the North isn't a superpower with a massive navy, so I guess it makes sense the Ibenise has no choice but to allow for that one competitor to exist.

Keep up the good work.
6/19/2021 c6 ATP
Well,now they must face both Joeffrey and Others.
6/19/2021 c6 PraetorXyn
Good chapter. My concern for the war is that the North and tne Reach are geographically divided.
6/19/2021 c6 asonia99
With all the advantages the North has, the other should be countered hard, so I believe the focus would eng up in the South conflict, maybe with some esos cities butting in. Amiright?
6/19/2021 c6 Tata
Good chapter. One of decent "Strong North" in recent time. Overpowered but beautifully written. The pacing is a bit slow to my liking but it didn't decrease the good part of the story.
6/19/2021 c6 orbcon
Really enjoying this story so far! Looking forward to reading more in the future, please keep up the good work :)
6/18/2021 c5 246vili
Damn, a good story so far.
It shows a different angle in Westeros history.
It shows what the North COULD become. An Empire of the First Men stretching from the Twins possibly to the Lands of Always Winter, allied with the Children of the forest and the Giants with magic strong and the memory of the Long Night not forgotten.

Plus ruled by good Stark Kings, who don't make stupid long term decisions, like burning the Northern fleet because "daddy went on a boat trip to the west and never returned" (Brandon the Burner), or allowing parts of the Nort to become barely inhabited wastelands (Stoney Shore, Gift, Moat Cailin).

An OP combination if there ever was one.
6/17/2021 c1 sorcerersupreme14
Honestly man. Everything was going great. Until you saddled Poor Ned with Catelyn Tully of all people. Honestly why? I know we all love Robb and Arya but seriously this is an AU. Ned wouldn't have even bothered looking at that stuck up fish if not for Hostel forcing him to marry her in exchange for passage through the twins and support of the Riverlands rebels. I mean seriously House Tully is clearly the most useless House Paramount in the Westerosi History. They can't even hold their own but proceed to indulge in delusions of greatness. They are untrustworthy to boot. And Catelyn is the worst of them. Stuck up , delusional and honestly toxic coupled with delusions of grandeur. Why would Prince Eddard Stark want to marry a useless stuckup fish? She brings nothing but toxicity, naivety and discord to the Starks. Her repeated attempts at cultural extermination of the North which are not just limited to her canon children being forced to adhere to the false faith of the seven, her abuse of jon, her distaste of civilized northern ways, Sansa being a naive uppity b**ch for atleast half the show, her attempted murder of Tyrion Lannister who is the son of Tywin who can very easily wipe the pathetic excuse for a great house Tully out of existence , Her release of Jaime , Her house's incapability to ensure the loyalty of their vassals eg Freys etc etc. Ned should have married Ashara Dayne or even Cersei Lannister. Not that useless shriveling fish.
6/16/2021 c5 3Sparda B-312
Good start man! Looking forward to more updates.
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