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for King of Winter

6/8/2021 c3 ATP
...Forget Margery! marry Leaf,furries are the best !
jokes aside - They have no reason to fight any war,but with Margery in North Renly would never be
,Stannis ?
6/8/2021 c2 Abd2006
is this story abandoned?
6/6/2021 c2 Guest
6/6/2021 c2 Guest44
Love the story
Barbrey’s maiden name is Ryswell, not Dustin.
Dustin is the family she marries into in canon.
6/5/2021 c1 Qwert
Absolute nonsense. Even if you forget about the crushed butterflies - if the Conquest is stopped, then all 3 great dragons are alive. The North is the most vulnerable kingdom for dragons. Northerners are completely dependent on warm housing, fuel supplies and food (storage for food). Years of Dragon Rage and Dragon Dance have demonstrated what aerial terror is like deep in enemy territory. Great dragons are absolutely invulnerable except for the eyes, this young can be shot down. Night air attacks?! What prevented any of the dragonriders from repeating Harrenhal during the assault on Cailin's Moat? Giant archers?! Is it okay that the giants can't see very well?
6/5/2021 c2 ATP
I support that choice,too.
P.S Wall of Wintertown should be held by local militia,not army or giants.
6/5/2021 c2 Guest
This is pretty interesting. The history is kind of funky but It’s something pretty unique so that’s cool. Its nice so far.
6/5/2021 c1 Maelor Vhaegon
Very interesting start. I always enjoy Strong North stories. Hopefully you continue it.
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