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12/19/2021 c26 DOOMRAIDER
In a way it is fitting that beings from the Game of Thrones world who claim to be God would start making their moves. The funny thing about chaos is that once its starts it can consume everything given the chance. With this new development happening it will be interesting how many other gods join this conflict, either for survival, fear, greed etc. What is certain is that this story will get very bloody now and no one is safe from the conflict that has started.

With your semester being done Yamajiji are you open to doing other stories?
12/19/2021 c26 4HarwinSnow
Be hyped. It’s nice to see some balance in the antogonists’ side as your starks are so powerful, it’s hard to challenge them

As a fan of whales, it was also awesome to see them being part of the story. Too bad there were other elements at play, but I think this was both a cool chapter and well done on its own, but also furthers the interest in the story as a whole because other than Others, I didn’t see anyone giving the Starks problems

Nice chapter
12/19/2021 c26 asonia99
12/19/2021 c26 The Advocate7
Another awesome chapter mate damn I hope you don’t kill Benjen or have Euron turn him into his own version of Reek but regardless this chapter was fucking great.
12/17/2021 c25 KEB
Assuming Benjen was killed? You hinted at it before, though it could be another Stark.
12/16/2021 c22 KEB
This was one of the best chapters so far. Jon is quite kingly.
I can't imagine Aegon(Is he actually?, fairly doubtful) lasting long. Have they met with Dorne? I imagine if he is not Aegon, they will react negatively, knowing their sister and her appearance.
What was agreed to with the Iron Islands? You said they would not march further south, are they still taking the islands or was that given over to the Targs in their agreement?
12/16/2021 c20 KEB
Great change! This chapter works really well with the overall plot, the changes to power structure altering alliances.
12/16/2021 c19 KEB
Interesting chapter. The seastarks sound fearsome, but I imagine you'll be giving the Crow's eye powers of his own.
12/15/2021 c15 KEB
Without knowing the cost to each side, its hard to rate the chapter. However, for fighting starved men, it seems like the Northean did horribly. 2 to 1 losses in the first scrimmage? Why didn't they start with giants, or use them in-between the two forces while the West was still on the battlements?
12/15/2021 c14 KEB
The beginning of this chapter seemingly contradicts chapter 10. In 10, you said they were 1-1.5 weeks away from Riverrun, but in this ch, you say "still weeks". Unless this report comes immediately(like same day), they should be able to get to Riverrun in a week.
The horn was a nice(eww) addition. Its good to see the Northmen playing things safe. With the men starved for 2 weeks passed their rations "running out, everyone should be on their last legs, not fit for battle. Tywin better lose hard.
12/14/2021 c3 KEB
Interesting lore so far. Excited for the story. Thanks for writing!
12/14/2021 c9 fvckinaphrodite
why dont the wargs just place their familiars in enemy's camps?
12/14/2021 c10 fvckinaphrodite
pls don't kill robbu can kill ned, but not robb pls:(
12/14/2021 c7 fvckinaphrodite
and ofc he wouldve known that the royal children is actually jaime's. its literally in his job desk? tf?
12/14/2021 c8 fvckinaphrodite
in the show, the three eyed raven is portrayed as a powerful being. idk but i think it isnt the case in ur story. bran seems quite week here. he would've known who poisoned robert or where deaenerys is. i guess u make him weaker for the sake of the plot, but its sill quite dissapointing
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