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12/12/2023 c1 zopia
Hey! Are you alright?
12/12/2023 c1 Melissa Moyer
What have you done? Where did it all go?
11/13/2023 c37 saintfudge
Great story ..thanks for sharing have fun
10/29/2023 c38 janiqs
Loved it! Would adore a sequel.
10/14/2023 c38 1Swanderful
I've been reading through your stories and the was another great one! loved it!
it was heartbreaking and sensitive and really beautiful
10/14/2023 c1 Senorfrogs
Ended up re reading this history again.
Thank you so much
9/25/2023 c38 Dulcinea21bella
OMG! This story was heartbreaking and gritty and full of passion and strength. The characters were so well developed and the dialogue was heartfelt and real. What an incredible journey you took the read on with this story. Excellent job, truly.
9/24/2023 c38 1Colleen Alize
Just finished this one and I must admit, some parts were hard to read. I don't personally know anyone who's suffered from addiction, but readying about it in your fic felt too real for me. This was heavy and raw, but I loved it. I didn't see a way back for ExB after everything that happened, but I'm glad they did. Thank you for sharing.
9/17/2023 c38 jen5795
This is so good. I really didn't want it to end yet, I want to know what happens next. Do they make it, does he relapse? there's a lot of unanswered questions that I'll just have to fill in for myself. I still love how strong they both became once they worked on themselves.
9/2/2023 c38 Guest
Such a BEAUTIFUL ending.

9/2/2023 c37 Guest
I was grinning throughout the whole chapter. I loved this story the first time I read it and still love it

9/2/2023 c36 Guest
I’m Happy for Em & Rose!

I’m also happy that E & B have been courting, getting to know each other. It’s so Sweet

9/2/2023 c33 Guest
To Sweet… the dance. I felt like I was watching it on TV. You make seeing it so easy.

9/2/2023 c32 Guest
That was so sweet

9/2/2023 c31 Guest
This one was a hard one…

I felt both of their pain. Bella, for having to hear the truth and Edward for having to tell it. The truth is always wanted—needed but it doesn’t always feel good.

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