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6/1 c48 Guest
I've been binge reading this for the last week and it was so good! It could not have ended better
5/19 c48 FireFlameFine
In my head canon, This actually was Itachi's Tsukiyomi for Kyio
5/1 c48 Merlie
Thank you. This story was everything I wanted and more.
4/12 c9 1Vallavarayan
This was dumb.
When you will die anyway, it’s better to use your knowledge. Letting it all play out was dumb.
Just letting shishui know not to let anyone know about his eye would save him.
Letting it slip about obito to itachi, and through him to kaKashi would also help.
Anything but staying silent and simply dying
2/28 c35 chengmeng0724
Oh no a Rin 0.2
2/28 c33 chengmeng0724
She got blind
2/28 c29 chengmeng0724
Tobi/Obito moment festival
2/28 c11 chengmeng0724
Kiyo gets mad at the Third Hokage
2/18 c48 FJPendragon
Wow, I can't believe it's finished. I love this story so much and it genuinely is one of my all-time favourites. Thank you so much Author for writing this
2/16 c9 distressedpotat
I cried. I checked the further chapters and saw you decided to continue the story with Kiyo surviving but im already satisfied with this ending! Planning to continue reading when I have the strength lol.
Thank you author for such wonderful story and I hope you could post it also on ao3! Love xx 3
2/16 c7 distressedpotat
“You’re alright now. You’re alright.”
And he held me until I was.

Brooo im crying
2/1 c1 6Ainulinde
hey, so sorry to tell you this, but you story was stolen, twice! by the same guy!
www youtube com/ watch?vNwtNPOPOm-0
www youtube com/ watch?vgWZg5PqsGiU
added some spaces because of ff
the thief's username is anime zoo x
this is the videos' names:
What if Naruto and Sasuke reborn in Uchiha Bloodline Part 2
What if Naruto and Sasuke reborn in Uchiha Bloodline Part 1
you can report a copyright violation and hopefully get the video removed
1/29 c48 10Marcii Winters
This was really beautiful, even if it didn't have as many fights or romantic fluff as I was hoping for!
Still, great job!
1/14 c18 Abyssalwhale
I just love how nobody really cares that this twelve year old. Is literally biologically immortal. And she figured it out when she was seven. Using a fundimentally better healing technique than the supposed best medical practitioner ever. She could literally stay young forever with her ability. Only problem is. She will have to stop using if she actually wants to grow up. Unless she wants to use it later to speed up her aging. Great story though.
1/13 c9 Abyssalwhale
Beautiful. And heart wrenching. Been awhile since I've cried. I love it.
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