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3/23 c40 chaoticPie
I readr the whole thing in 2 days. I blame you and I love you
3/23 c40 Lovetoshea
Ahhhhhh! I'm so excited for the climax! Take the time you need to reevaluate your outline - but don't leave us hanging for too long! As always, you've done a terrific job and built up this story into something new and exciting, while keeping the fundamentals the same. I think I can speak for MANY people when I say you have our support and gratitude for keeping our favorite story alive.
3/23 c40 ShadowPillow
That was cool.
3/22 c40 Minty220
There are very few reincarnation fics that ever make it to shippuden, let alone the finale of the series. Working on this fic for so long, you should be proud to have made it this far. Great stuff. Thanks author.
3/22 c40 1buterflypuss
good chap
3/22 c40 spiceflower1
Ooh nice! I always thought Madara was an interesting character when he wast trying to murder everyone
3/22 c40 PolyPloy
Even if Kiyo-chan changed both physically and mentally, her kindness still knew no bounds. I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks!
3/22 c40 1Van der Ay
Thanks for the updates!
3/22 c40 19Crystal-Wolf-Guardain-967
Loved it!
3/22 c40 3Desertsunoracle
Good chapter... Though it would be funny if Kiyo called Madara grandad. She called Obito dad... Soo...
3/13 c1 4ProfesorGoblitz
No, not really, you’re in the same boat as sasuke, Itachi wouldn’t kill you, if your talking about the shinobi world in general?

Oh yeah, your screwed there buddy
3/11 c39 Lovetoshea
That twist at the end though... I was totally expecting someone different! Great job, author-sama!
3/10 c2 ExhaledGass
Phew, glad I found out the mc was female. Don't gotta fall into that trap later and get pissed I wasted so much time.
3/10 c39 3Desertsunoracle
Ah, Shisui... that was unexpected. I can see it now; Minato and Tobirama's reactions to Kiyo's similar skills will be interesting.
3/10 c10 Guest
My favourite line in the original story had something to do with a demigod in diapers.
Chapters 8 and 9 had me feeling actual emotion so well done.
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