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3/28/2022 c30 PsychoStorys
plz more
3/28/2022 c30 PsychoStorys
please continue, this is one of the best stories I have read in a while
3/25/2022 c30 1Iamnotafraid
I definitely do not like people like her
But unfortunately most anime protags are exactly like her
Your writing of the characters is amazing.
3/23/2022 c30 Cute Little Cellest
I seriously admire people who can use words to describe their reasoning and feelings. In my head it all makes sense, but when I try to explain, it sounds like a bunch of contradictions or babytalk. This is why I always lose arguments. You’re awesome. For real.
(Anyway, is Kiyo going to meet any other members soon?)
3/21/2022 c30 3ChimamireNoBara22
I think that this is one of my favorite chapters so far! I love the philosophical debate on peace, pain, and forgiveness (and normally I find philosophy boring beyond compare). The entire chapter really humanized Nagato and Konan and showed that they're not beyond saving. I hope that they find inner peace one way or another. I love seeing Kiyo interact with them and how she uses her knowledge to get right to the heart of the matter.
3/20/2022 c29 nevvy
Wow I gobbled up this fic like nobody's business! It's fantastic! The changes are so well done and Kiyo is a freaking delight. My brain is mush right now but this chapter SERIOUSLY STRESSED ME OUT! I had the total heebee jeebees when Tobi insisted on being called To-chan; his little fantasy cone to life?! CREEEEPYYY. At first I thought it was really smart of Itachi to kidnap her, and it probably is better than the alternative, but JEEZ if this arc isn't giving me severe stress! Another year or two to go though right? Goodness I can't wait to read what happens next!
3/20/2022 c30 Warlord of Chaos
Yep, after reading this chapter I totally believe that Kiyo was some kind of shounen protagonist in another life, or If this was roncom anime I can totally see Kiyo being a shoujo/Otome game protagonist.

I love how Kiyo is such a cinnamon roll to the point that she is slow "infecting" other more Gray aligned characters (because they still have some "good" on them), her interactions with both Konan and Nagato was beyond cute/wholesome (It's actually REALLY rare to see an SI that actually holds so much love and care for the people around them... It's actually quite refreshing).

And It would be pretty ironic/sad If Kiyo talk with Nagato only made Nagato Double down on his ideals, because now he nows that there are more people in the world like Yahiko, and he wants to create a world where people like Yahiko and Kiyo will never have to suffer or taken advantage over their kindness.

Really loving the story and can't wait to see what gonna happen next (and Sorry for the bad english).
3/20/2022 c29 Warlord of Chaos
It would be pretty poetic end to Obito If the whole Madara/Kaguya still happen in this story and Obito ends up sacrificing himself to protect Kiyo, because at the end of the day Kiyo managed to worm herself into being someone that Obito needs to protect (Obito realises that he still has something to protect in this world).

Loving this story and can't to see what gonna happen next (and sorry for the bad english)
3/19/2022 c30 andr3wsw4g
Thanks for the chapter!

I really like your portrayal of Itachi in this chapter. I think one of his most interesting characteristic was how little he interfered with Tobi and anything related to him despite his part in the massacre. It makes sense he would say something cryptic and unhelpful, and only people who know the truth would understand the meaning. I’m also happy Kiyo became suspicious of the ‘tou-chan’ thing, as she would be pretty dense not to pick up on that.

I’m a little surprised that Kiyo hasn’t developed an attack skill like Rasenshuriken/Kirin yet, as her only tool right now is movement and she probably wouldn’t last long against Sasuke or Naruto if she had to hurt them. I suppose within the context of her personality, she would never develop an attack skill if she could help it, and with how difficult it is to train within Akatsuki, prioritizing movement/evasion makes sense. It does feel like wasted potential if she doesn’t ‘grow up’ soon though; she is clearly talented in medical jutsu, and using that to grow up a little for the eventual return to canon would be fun, especially if she does some gene editing which turns her hair red and no one recognizes her. Also Kiyo starting puberty in Akatsuki sounds like a lot of fun.

After ~16 months (12 months at Obon -> 16 months after New Year) out of a maximum 36 months before the Sasuke deadline, I’d imagine we have at most 4-5 more chapters before an exit/escape from Akatsuki if the ~4 months per chapter is maintained. Shippuden starts ~30 months after end of Naruto so I’m excited for things to get (more) chaotic around the 30 month mark.

This is by far the most excited I’ve been for the next chapter of a fanfiction. Speculating on the future, imagining interactions between Kiyo and canon characters, and even her interactions with non-canon characters are a lot of fun to think about.

P.S. I’m not sure whether I’m supposed to use the review functionality to speculate on potential developments or not because you can review every chapter, similar to comment functionality on other sites. Sorry if this is not the intended use case.
3/18/2022 c30 1Qwerty224
I voraciously binged this entire fic in half a day. The amount of times you reduced me to tears within the first few chapters… Oh man. My fucking eyes are gonna be swollen for the rest of the day. I hate and love angst and you play my heartstrings like Kiyo is playing her shamisen… You have this amazing way with dealing with emotions and I really love it. I’ve really enjoyed this fic so far, its always nice to find an si-oc thats somehow both resigned and hopeful. Its an interesting juxtaposition and you are putting your si-oc through some absolutely fascinating situations. I am all here for it. The Uchiha obsession your portraying is really wonderfully unnerving! Obito’s delusional and Sasuke and Itachi are possessive! So much fun to read man. I really feel for Karin though, and Haku. They finally get this savior figure who promises to make things better… But only for a while! Too good to be true just seems like a theme and Its pretty great. I really look forward to future chapters! Thank you so much for writing and sharing! Thank you so much for your hard work!
3/18/2022 c30 mikesandwich50
Tbh, I started reading this on a whim because I was on a search for a descent SI FF for Naruto since the majority led me to disappoint. I am impressed with this story, at first I was doubtful but as I continued, the story was like rising action with how good and emotional it began to be. Keep up the good work
3/17/2022 c30 crazy.bout.mione
I love your story! thats all I have to say!
3/16/2022 c30 5cordo12
I like where this story's heading. No long review today. Just a thumbs up!
3/16/2022 c30 spiceflower1
I really liked this one! I liked the deep conversation that she had with Nagato :) it really showed some perspective and even though I already knew about Yahiko I still think it really shed some light on how they really must feel.
3/16/2022 c30 Sleepy96
god i love this story so much, its so amazing
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