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5/4/2023 c42 5Rosemary Louet
Yes, We need fluff... Kiyo and Naruto must restore both the Uchiha and Uzumaki clans!
5/3/2023 c42 Cute Little Cellest
I'm really glad about the extra fluff!
Loved the chapter btw, as always. It was a great feeling reading this after my exams today. Like a treat but way better.
I'm soo excited about about Shisui, Sasuke and Itachi together, even for a second! Can't sit still.
Also that old man better apologizes.
Is Kiyo going to use her Talk no jutsu (I mean, am I wrong?) on Madara?
I might have missed something. Kaguya said she borrowed power or something. To what exactly was she referring?
And well, Sasuke's issues will be resolved, I guess. One thing I want to mention is that I find it so sweet that her brothers still see her as their sister even after telling them the truth.
I hope for the love of god that Konan and Nagato are alive... pleeeease..
Remember the scene about Minato asking whether Sakura was Naruto's girlfriend? Hihi, just a thought.
Looking forward to the next chapter! 3
5/3/2023 c42 9Emrys Akayuki
Woot! Level clear!

But is sasuke gonna sasuke in this version of events...?
5/3/2023 c42 1buterflypuss
good chap
5/3/2023 c42 batmanuchiha
great chapter as always i guess it's off to prison for obito
5/3/2023 c42 4najex
And I still say there was a safer way to do this xD.

They'd have a bit of time before the other Otsotsuki's showed up. In that time, they can just blow up the moon or something. That is where she was sealed, wasn't it? I'm sure that will either release or kill Kaguya. I mean, either Naruto or Sasuke managed to cut the moon in two didn't they?
5/3/2023 c42 PolyPloy
I love the fight screen. Can't wait for fluffy chapters! Thanks.
5/3/2023 c42 19Crystal-Wolf-Guardain-967
Loved it!
5/3/2023 c42 7Abbie Blizzard
what about the other otsutsuki? will be you including them in this story? Cuz i for one would love it if they hunted down ishiki and stopped him. Plus the other three assholes who show up in boruto's time
5/3/2023 c42 1Van der Ay
Thanks for the update! It's been a great pleasure following your story from start to finish!
4/30/2023 c41 4najex
I am sorry but. . . why is Kiyo assuming the summon of Kaguya to be unevoidable? Don't revive Madara, and make killing black zetsu a priority. Or just warn both Madara and Obito about zetsu.

A lot of this seems like 'we must follow the canon plotline!' type of reasoning. Insisting on reviving Madara and Kaguya just seems mental to me.

Or are we trying to redeem Kaguya as well? xD

This last arc has just made me go 'huh?'. Otherwise this has been an excellent story.
4/28/2023 c41 Kadessor
This story is a wild ride. I swear the first like 14 chapters or so had me just constantly crying and while it felt like a good ending at chapter 10 I’m very happy to see it continue as well.

The SI is just so self sacrificing and trying to see the best in absolutely anyone is very sweet but I agree with Nagato that it feels like a foolish ideal and that true peace like they hope will never really happen. Still I do believe they can make the work better and lessen the pain which is nice to see her be able to convince so many people.

I like how she develops abilities. While kind of OP she never really feels OP due to her inherent pacifism and reluctance to fight/kill.

Itachi as a character was fascinating and I loved his very very slow turn back to family.

It’s also nice that it wasn’t just a rehash while not going wildly off script and I enjoyed the changes you made such as her points of view not following the main story beats even while they mostly happened and you didn’t shy away from killing characters due to her influence but also saved others.

I will admit. I am not a fan of the end of Naruto pretty much the war arc onward and I refuse to acknowledge anything about Boruto because I think it fundamentally ruins the premise of Naruto as well as character assassinates him and his ideals on peace and family.

Still I like how the war arc is going even if I think the entire thing is total BS that was thrown into the story with no build up or plan or anything and also aliens are dumb.
Having her try to influence the entire war and those that are resurrected is kinda cool so they can kill the aliens before they are ready and stop the ones that come later…I’d rather you didn’t add them but oh well.

Also bring on the 15 chapters of fluffy happy endings I’m all for it after the constant suffering :)

I look forward to more
4/27/2023 c41 HiAkiroHere
I would honestly love 15 chapters of happily ever after seeing what the changes had resulted in properly but it might just be me
4/25/2023 c41 musa22lbl
Love it thank you so much for a great story can’t wait to read more of it, I wonder how she will end up with?
4/20/2023 c41 Cute Little Cellest
Thanks for the chapter! Stuff really got interesting!
I look forward to what he'll do.. This is a really good twist on the story.

(btw, I don't mind those 15 chapters of happily ever afters if you write them. I like exploring the relationships between the characters)
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