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10/26/2022 c36 1Eadlyn I
thank Izanagi!
10/26/2022 c36
Love the twist to canon!
10/26/2022 c36 9Emrys Akayuki
Whup, from bad to worse, that ain't great!
10/26/2022 c9 A friendly dude
Sorry i like your writing so so much but this is so sad it hurts
10/26/2022 c36 19Crystal-Wolf-Guardain-967
loved it! more please?!
10/26/2022 c36 spiceflower1
Nooooo, black Zetsu strikes again. I loved this chapter and can't wait to see what happens next!
10/26/2022 c36 2GoMagikarp
Imagine not killing Obito when you had the chance. That's like deciding not to kill Hitler, ya know? Sometimes I feel like Kiyo acts like a caricature of herself with these overly idealistic, pacifistic decisions. Or maybe it's just been too long since I've read the story and it is in character?

Either way, the chapter was great, even if Kiyo being Kiyo did get a bit tiresome.
10/26/2022 c36 leofrick
Wait what happened to itachi?
10/26/2022 c36 3Azurepriestess
Nice chapter. Poor Sasuke truly. He went too soft on Kiyo. Typical Obito.
10/26/2022 c36 vega0987
I really enjoy this fanfiction and it is one that I always look forward to it being update. I even stay up to 1-2 am in the morning just to read it as soon as the new chapter is released. I think it is excellent and a joy to read.

That being said... it is incredibly disappointing that 36 chapters in and Kiyo is still a doormat that only heals. She has learned some new skills and techniques but doesn't have the spine to ever use anything to win a fight. I keep hoping to see her grow some kind of a spine but it never happens. Every chapter it seems like she is almost dying or running out of chakra in an encounter. 36 chapters in and she has never killed anyone as a professional ninja(Not even to defend her family instead she lets others do the dirty work), but I don't really care about that so much what drags on me is that she has YET to even defeat an opponent on her own. Not once has she defeated an opponent by herself, not even a nameless ninja or bandit. She contributed a genjutsu on zabuza in the first encounter, teleported some paper bombs onto gaara's half transformed shukaku arm, and teleported a shukaku air missile and that's it. There was no excitement in the confrontation between Kiyo and Obito in the last chapter because by this point as a reader you know that Kiyo won't harm anyone for any reason. That leaves Kiyo losing the confrontation by either almost dying or if we are lucky an escape. Obito and Itachi are not comparable, personally I hope that this Obito doesn't have a "redemption moment' like the manga. I think his last minute redemption cheapened other redemptions such as Nagato's and Zabuza. After Obito murdered Minato and Kushina by releasing the 9 tails, Forced mass genocide through out Kiri to pay them back for Rin, and his manipulations as well as his help to massacre all the Uchiha including the woman and children all out of revenge I dare say his situation is not that comparable to Itachi's.

I am not trying to be critical but I need to vent a little. I do think you do an excellent job... just give the girl a Win for once . lol. Let her gain some spine(character growth) where for once she puts her foot down and says no to all her friends, family, and enemies who dictate her life for her and make her own decisions.

Anyways good luck to yourself! I hope life treats you well and I will see you when you come back from your hiatus.
10/26/2022 c36 6Abbie Blizzard
I wasn't sure how you were going to handle that but you did so brilliantly. I love it when multiple plot threads finally start coming together. Wonderful stuff! I can't wait for the reunion between Kiyo, Haku, and Karin. I wonder how they've changed and if Kiyo will still be able to save them. Also, r.i.p. Itachi's eye. How is Sasuke going to get the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan now I wonder?
10/26/2022 c36 PolyPloy
At least Sakuke know everything now. Poor Kiyo-chan, her soft heart is really her weakness. Can't wait to read the next chapter!
ps. we will miss you author-san
10/26/2022 c36 55ShadowPillow
For a SECOND I thought the brothers might perhaps be reasonable. Then this happened and now Kiyo is literally in a bubble life. Very safe, indeed! *throws hands up in air*

Obito, Itachi, and Sasuke are all bastards. Oddly enough, somehow Itachi seems less stupid right now relatively, but I'm sure that'll be remedied next time we see him again.

... It'll hopefully be much better when Kiyo's body actually starts growing up and she doesn't look 5 anymore. Then maybe she won't keep getting into these situations with super strong insane ninja that want to "protect" her. Phooey. This is basically being in a prison now.

It is interesting and a little sad that Kiyo's presence means Naruto and Sasuke didn't bond as much. Kiyo ended up being a buffer between them, where she was friends with Naruto, and Naruto and Sasuke never formed that bond earlier on from realizing they both felt the pains of loneliness, with Sakura also accidentally emphasizing that for both of them with her talkative mouth. It will be much harder to turn Sasuke away from this path. At least the curse mark is gone.

Kiyo's talk-no-jutsu attempt: *big sad*. Maybe some of the words will stick with Obito. This speech makes it clear that he's really just trying to escape his private suffering, this world seeming a hell to him... when really it's not the whole world that's hellish. You can find your own happiness in it if you try to build it. Maybe less stabby stabby in your life and instead building connections and friends would help too. The simple things.

Anyhow, great chapter. Thanks for the update again! We'll have to see how Kiyo gets out of this one...

And yeah. Life was not good for the Uchicha vassals.
10/23/2022 c35 1Eadlyn I
my gosh, I just want a happy ending.
10/22/2022 c35 DJzash
Okay what the shit is this story doing without 2k reviews? This story hits man. Solid plot, love the characters, really looking forward to the next update.
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