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12/7/2023 c48 Zeke Hooper
good story.
12/5/2023 c2 Zeke Hooper
cool story, I read one similar, only she was born into the Nara clan.
12/1/2023 c48 Paul Lenzen
Okay... Okay, the first ending was sad and really good. The second ending was beautiful... I'm glad I got to read both
11/14/2023 c48 Heiwacat
11/12/2023 c2 lord solomon
Eu torço para a constituição uzumaki despertar e curar essas doenças
11/10/2023 c9 Myuu November
Thank you for sharing this with us readers. I almost cried and only didn't because I was not alone at the time. I think it hit me harder because I knew there were a lot of chapters remaining, so I did not see the end coming at all.
11/3/2023 c48 4ILoveLavenders
Oh my god. There must be a sequel. There must be. This is without doubt, the BEST self insert that I've ever read of any cannon. You are an outstanding writer. Please keep writing!
10/12/2023 c48 2russianbear0027
The original ending made me cry. So good work.

I liked the expansion too. It was a fun what if. And your penchant for writing original scenes meant a lot of characters without much screentime in canon got expansions.
10/2/2023 c9 Foolgod
Really good story but I wish you didn't make an alternative ending, now I feel like I have to read it.
enjoyed this story immensely
9/27/2023 c48 DottieGame
Thank you for creating this world it was fun to read it.
9/26/2023 c40 DottieGame
Oh I just love the interaction between KiyoMadara
9/25/2023 c9 TheSummerSet
Oh man this hurt a lot. Even with a different ending this one made me tear up. Fantastic writing skills to make a person feel this way but my gut is wrenching.
9/21/2023 c48 InvcShadow sux
pretty good story execept for keeping ino with sai...yuck
9/9/2023 c48 YaoiLovinKitsune
I loved this story SO SO MUCH! I spent all night and day reading it! I will say that I’m so sad of Gaaras outcome but I understand that some things would change. I usually despise first person but I have to say you do it such great justice. Thank you for the wonderful story!
9/7/2023 c48 TheBeauty
That was one of the better stories I've read in some time. The world building was really well done and thought through :) Even though Kiyo seemed a little bit overpowered at times and the relationships a little rushed, I still have to say that this was quite an enjoyable read :)
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