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1/8/2022 c25 1Yurei Kyosuke
i got notification that there is an update but didn't find new chapter, is that a bug or the author just editing the existing chapter?
1/6/2022 c10 1Ninjapilot10
I think I'm just going to leave the story here as a good short story. You wrote this as a short story and I'm not sure how the rest of the story goes but as far as highlighting the tragedy of the Uchiha massacre you certainly succeeded.
1/6/2022 c25 1Aremise
If it's not too much to ask, can you release a chapter regarding what happened on Sasuke's end? I want to know if this Sasuke is also going to end up defecting to Orochimaru. Cause this time he has the responsibility of Haku and Karin with him. It will also be difficult for him to reinstate Kiyo in the village later if he defects now. I would also like to know about Kakashi and Naruto's reaction to Kiyo's "kidnapping". After all, they are way closer to her than Sakura was ever in cannon. And I am currently shipping kiyonaru HARD!
So please please PLEASE...consider releasing a chapter regarding these matters.
1/5/2022 c25
This is super fascinating! So many training opportunities… and many more for danger.
1/5/2022 c25 4Shion Lee
Oohh i dod not expect this development
1/5/2022 c25 1buterflypuss
good chap
1/5/2022 c25 sallymadrigal605
Whelp I guess she wouldn’t be an uchiha or part of team 7 if she wasn’t constantly getting into complicated situations. Will love to see how the village reacts to this news thanks for the update
1/5/2022 c25 Warga
Noice twist!
1/5/2022 c25 2quiesteroo
:( Itachi sadness ...
1/5/2022 c25 2GoMagikarp
Damn, Kiyo. You fucked. Caught between three psychopaths with enough secrets and neuroses to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool (not to mention all the other wonderful members of Akatsuki) is not a good time. Can't see how she's going to keep her ninja skills (not including medical) from stagnating, let alone improve them when she's always watched and at the whims of Pein for the use of her chakra.

Great chapter though. Super excited for this arc.
1/5/2022 c25 Raylis
So cute… I’m super excited for this arc! And that Obito interaction! She nearly quoted Rin word for word, lol.
1/5/2022 c25 1setokayba2n
Well, I wonder how much Akatsuki will change with the tiny doctor around
1/5/2022 c25 9Emrys Akayuki
Oh Itachi... Always the worst option...

Great chapter!
1/5/2022 c25 Iwr1918
Wow. Kinda annoyed at itachi but this is interesting. I wonder how much she can influence obito and pein while she is there. She isn't only reminding obtio of kakashi/himself, but also Rin as a medic nin who is concerned about his health. Obitoa initial reaction was to focus on Naruto and talk/hate/fight him, giving him the opportunity to change like he did, so there might be room here for kiyo to use that instinct, and that want to justify himself (atleast I think in part that's his psychology) to change him.
1/5/2022 c25 Logargon
This feels like the first time in years im reasing a fanfiction that takes the story in crazy great turns
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