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10/27/2021 c11 Darkjaden
Nice to see some fire.
10/27/2021 c8 Darkjaden
Why doesn't Kiyo have the sharingan after Shusui death? Why is a half uzumaki still getting sick? I understand a certain amount if your trying to make her not op but your overselling her condition so much that it feel forced more than natural. There must also be something that could fix her condition since their medical care is better than our world's. This still comes up to the fact that having chakra seem to boost your immune system since you don't see shinobi getting sick unless its poison and coming from a clan that has high reserves of yang chakra(Uzumaki) should boost your system even higher. Take Karin for an example having that many people bite you and don't get an infection is a miracle also the fact she had enough chakra to heal that many people with barely any physical training at her age just show how different people with uzumaki blood are from normal/clan. I am just saying that if she was a pure uchiha or her other half came from any clan other than akamichi I would understand why she is still like this. This just a opinion and I enjoy this story.
10/27/2021 c19 2GoMagikarp
At first I was a bit dubious at the introduction of the hiraishin, but it was done pretty well. Complicated, yet believable enough in its techno-babble - with enough issues to make learning it both incredibly difficult and time consuming as befitting such an OP technique. Yet still one that Kiyo was well suited to learn due to her background.
10/27/2021 c19 3ChimamireNoBara22
HIRAISHIN! LET'S GO! I love the fact that she's getting that jutsu. So, so much! Kakashi is being a little sneak towards his comrades again, and it's just perfect XD

On the other hand...sneaky sneaky Hokage is not an aesthetic I appreciate (This is not a flame or criticism, I just have strong negative feelings towards the character himself at the moment. Your writing is superb!)

I can't wait until your next chapter! :D
10/27/2021 c2 Darkjaden
I understand if she was from a clan that has low yang chakra reserves but she is a half uzumaki meaning that if she did have any illness she would be like a normal person instead of sickly.
10/27/2021 c15 vcs123
well I hope kiyo will overcome the side effects of the healing jutsu I don't think remaining a 7yr old through out her life is good
10/27/2021 c19 vcs123
good story
10/27/2021 c5
And once again just a little bitch.
10/27/2021 c4
So reincarnated into a world where if you don't have power you will be pushed around by those who do you become a little bitch?
10/27/2021 c19 Guest
Maaaad stuff! This is tooo good
10/27/2021 c19 PrimeSpectre
Will she learn the Rasengan ?RasenganHiraishin is a must ! And what is your update schedule btw ?
10/27/2021 c19 vega0987
"Did she really!?" Kakashi asked delighted "Well she is my student afterall"... hahahaha I was dying while finishing the latest chapter. I cant tell you how excited I am for Kiyo to be getting closer to the Tsunade Retrieval Arc and a possible interaction with Itachi! Sure the chunin exams and the invasion are great but I hope that the story doesn't get bogged down with the exams.
Tsunade and Kiyo has so much potential in this story! It is exciting!
10/22/2021 c18 SweetAssassin19
This story is amazing, I've read a few "sasukes sister" stories and they are so cringe with how OP they make her when it is kinda unlikely since sasuke was practically born to succeed with being a gods reincarnation and all. I also like that she's not so weak it's pathetic. She has limits it's not so hindering and she is realistic with her future knowledge. I've read iseki stories where the person automatically finds a solution to the massacre and saves everyone when in reality you're a powerless kid and it's almost impossible to stop something that's already in motion if you don't have the power and strength which takes year to gain and she didn't have time for all that when being sick. I do wonder if she'll eventually tell sasuke because when sasuke found out the truth he wanted revenge on konoha but he also forgave itachi and so if she tells him the truth and then makes sasuke confront itachi about the truth then itachi can convince sasuke not to take vengeance on konoha. Itachi did regret not telling sasuke the truth in the end. I wonder if she'll slowly slip some stuff about the coup and the target on her back to kakashi cause he seems like the type to know how to go about it and will protect her from danzo and keep her and sasuke off hiruzens radar. I'm excited to read more, especially cause she seems to know a bit about boruto. I wonder if you'll mention karma here cause naruto and sasuke will face jigan and it will take EVERYTHING out of them. I kinda want to write a iseki story where the character is more focused on getting stringer to face the jigan threat and not the 4th war since they know that gets resolved and world peace is established. They would use their knowledge to travel in search of jigan or maybe wait for kaguya to come back to ask her about it so that when the main characters are in their prime they could confront jigan. Anyways rant over great story!
10/21/2021 c18 Rinto
Wait, this is the alternate ending/continuation right? So true ending is that she died to Itachi, but alternate ending/continuation is that she lives?

Either way, I'm enjoying every bit of this fic. I just find it really sad that Itachi did indeed kill her in that alternate ending. I could feel the pain that their bond just wasn't strong enough for her to live and her many regrets in that life. How unfortunate.
10/21/2021 c18 5cordo12
You can't hurt my heart like that. That's not fair.
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