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10/20/2021 c18 2quiesteroo
Somehow, I feel like crying...
10/20/2021 c18 2GoMagikarp
10/20/2021 c18 3ChimamireNoBara22
Welcome back! As always, this chapter was amazing! Very well-written and the character growth/introduction was beautifully done :D
On a side note...f*** Danzo. He needs to take a long walk off a short pier. That is all XD
10/20/2021 c18 Iwr1918
Awesome! Great chapter, and looking forward to seeing the rest now that you've resumed writing this.
10/14/2021 c17 Heiwacat
Pleas update
10/3/2021 c9 2Seth A. Mincberg
...I'm sobbing. This was truly incredible to read. Heart wrenching and powerful. Thank you for writing it.
9/22/2021 c9 TutuMega
Holy shit.

I cried like a bitch
9/21/2021 c10 1ltmiller2002
I hope that you continue this story. It's so amazing! I cried so much when itachi said goodbye to her in chapter 9. I'm STILL crying. Thank you for this amazing story.
9/21/2021 c17 whenstarsdecay
Oh wow, oh gosh, I just bawled my eyes out. I had guessed it would be sad but I was still unprepared for the original ending…

Initially, this story felt like reading the diary of a dead person, someone who could foresee that tragedy would strike and was attempting to make their peace with themselves in the years, weeks, hours before. Which… is what basically happened. It was well written, tragic, impactful, and felt like watching a car inevitably rush straight of a cliff. Yeah, that part felt like getting hit by a truck and taking a brick to the face at once. That persistently growing somberness within every word was so well balanced with the few sparks of hope that maybe, just maybe, it wouldn’t be that bad. Oh boy…

The second part has got such a contrasting feel to it because every page shows that Kiyo has finally started living, has started wanting to be proactive, has started acting like she’s not just existing there on borrowed time, and despite all of the gloominess of before, this is just… wholesome to see in a way, and I’m very glad for this alternative ending even if it was just to heal my broken heart from before, lol. But really, having arrived in canon I’m excited to see where you’ll take this story and what changes will be made; I really like it so far! Thank you for sharing your work with us.
9/19/2021 c15 1marco.enkel
communication through genjutsu? that's too far fetched, isn't? even more so with Naruto, since he has the kyubi, so, his chakra is always been interrupted, I believe that's a way to not fall for genjutsus?
9/12/2021 c17 3ChimamireNoBara22
I love this. I love this so much! Just... everything about this chapter :D

I hope you enjoy your vacation! I can't wait to see what you have planned for the next installment
9/8/2021 c9 SandZdragon
Dang now i'm sad and feeling lame :
9/8/2021 c17 Iwr1918
wow a vassal of the uchia clan! of all the ways for him to join konoha i hadnt expected that. it feels suiting tbh, and i feel like it will equally provide more protection and also more problems for haku and the rest
9/8/2021 c17 sallymadrigal605
Glad that Haku is alive and I like the dynamic he has with the team. I thought the way you thought of bringing him back to the village was really cool
9/8/2021 c17 2quiesteroo
Totally fine. This was a good chapter, happy to see Haku find new purpose. I hope he finds a cool dream
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