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9/2/2021 c16 3ChimamireNoBara22
Oooooooo, I like the direction that this is going in. Haku!
On a different note, hopefully Kiyo can temper Sasuke's self-destructive tendencies, but with the way he reacted to her new genjutsu...I'm not feeling too hopeful about that.
I love the new chapter and can't wait to read more :D
9/1/2021 c16 popcornPAR
Joining Konoha sure but not team 7 specifically.
9/1/2021 c15 Iwr1918
I wanted to add to my previous comment - it would be interesting to see how haku would deal with the fact that kakashi killed zabuza. Im hoping he doesnt hold any grudges especially with zabuzas last words
9/1/2021 c16 Iwr1918
Honestly i wouldnt mind it. Its all up to u

I guess this could open up potential drama with the hokage and danzo for bringing in a rogue shinobi into the leaf which could be interesting. Though they already do have a lot to worry about. Maybe he can become a leaf shinobi but not part of team 7?

Another possibility is that he come back at a critical time. Or he leaves...for us to find out later he was later dealt with by danzo because why not lol Most current conflicts are heavily due to him anyways. Maybe he can be killed by danzo because his a dangerous ninja

I dont want him to die though :( in terms of personal preference i think it would be cool for him to become part of team 7
9/1/2021 c16 2GoMagikarp
Not a huge fan of haku joining team 7. He’s at least chuunin if not low jonin level, so the fit would be awkward. Koniha wouldn’t let a missing nin from an enemy village join a team with their jinchiriki and last 2 uchiha. I’d be surprised if he wasn’t kept in T&I followed by some kind of house arrest/probation for a while as they figure out if he’s a threat or not. I mean, they’ve only known him for a few days at this point.

Great chapter as always though.
8/31/2021 c15 1BigBJ
I'm really enjoying this, thanks for the update
8/28/2021 c9 1mariclerson
That was amazing! It made me cry I'm not gonna lie but at the same time it made me smile, it was a bittersweet ending that honestly I didn't believe you would actually write but I'm really glad you did.
8/26/2021 c15 3ChimamireNoBara22
I'm still loving this story! It's really difficult to write this arc in a new/interesting way while still keeping the integrity of the timeline in place. Great job! It will be interesting to see what Kakashi decides to teach them in place of tree/water walking :D
8/26/2021 c15 9Emrys Akayuki
Hope tsunade can help her with that ol' aging problem when she eventually comes into the picture. And I wonder if Sakura's ever gonna play a part?

Read this all in one sitting, almost cried at the original ending, and am very much enjoying the alternate timeline. Wonderful story.
8/25/2021 c15 2GoMagikarp
Nice chapter as always. The fight scenes came across as pretty smooth and natural with Kiyo added in. Thanks for the read.

A couple of things though.

The first doesn't actually have anything to do with your writing. I never get how Kakashi plain doesn't train or teach team 7. It's so ridiculously irresponsible to let untrained academy graduates flail around by themselves when their job is so immensely dangerous. It always pisses me off that he essentially puts them all in danger by straight up ignoring his young charges.

The second was that I found it more than a bit odd that the MC has been using a jutsu that permanently keeps her looking 7 years old for the past 5 years and this is literally the first time it's been mentioned. Maybe go back and sprinkle a comment here or there about it because that's a relatively big reveal to just casually come out with? I mean, you'd think someone, the MC or otherwise, would have mentioned it by now.

To be honest, it seems a little weird that over the past 5 years she hasn't spent the time to update the "template" to her older body. Not only to fix the assuredly massive body dismorphia it would cause to look half a decade younger than you are, but the massive physical danger of being a ninja while having the body and chakra capacity of a literal child. Five years of growth is no joke when it comes to strength, reach, speed, endurance and so on. She's essentially handicapping herself by doing so.

And has no one in a position of authority noticed anything? No teacher at the academy? No one working at the hospital? Not her sensei or her classmates? No one has sat her down and had a discussion with her about the fact that she hasn't physically changed in 5 years?

It just came out of nowhere and has some serious implications for something that was addressed in a single paragraph.
8/23/2021 c14 3ChimamireNoBara22
The epilogue for the first ending made me cry all over again! It was a heartbreaking, yet satisfying way to end the story.

The way you segued into the alternate ending was equally flawless! I love the way it's going so far and I can't wait to see how this story progresses :D (On a side note...f*** Danzo...that is all lol)
8/23/2021 c14 ultrasashimi
Thank you for the amazing chapter!
8/19/2021 c14 1gv100
hmm it's 2 am bc I stayed up long enough to finish reading this, and I've got to say, this is some good stuff, thanks for posting. this fic kind of reminds me of one called like dragonfly or something, but I prefer this story- hot damn I didn't expect to cry over a fanfic, I'm a grown man grrr! I loved the tomoe necklace as well. I have some trouble believing that a half uzumaki has chronic health problems, but maybe she just got the bad genes(lol sharingan genes) combined with a rough premature birth. still though, I can't wait to see where you take this! I don't frequently leave reviews, bc most authors are afk, but I saw 8/18 on the update date and I was like, 'oooh this should be a wild ride'. GL and thanks for letting me read this!
8/19/2021 c14 Lena D. Emma
J'adore, j'ai hâte de lire la suite
8/19/2021 c14 HikariSenju12
It’d be interesting seeing her use chakra enhanced strength later on and how you incorporate her later on in battles. Unlike Sakura who’s potential as a shinobi was wasted
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