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for The Girl Who Lived: Sort Of

8/13 c20 8CWTV-TeenWolf-Lover
I can't wait for more of this story! I hope Draco hexes Ron! Not to mention, I hope we see Harry's reaction to what his friend said to his sister... although part of me has a suspicion that he won't do anything about that!
4/24 c14 Allen Pitt
Type: "Privet" not "Private" drive. I think. Not sure. This is an interesting twist-but it makes sense they'd assume it was her if they had to pick 2 -HP is famous, she isn't. I wonder if Sirius saw her leave.
Presumably she has some wizarding money & can afford to rent a room? Which leads to getting school supplies later on. Would be funny if she messaged Snape & he helped her out.
12/27/2021 c11 Allen Pitt
Snape must be weirded out by having the image of Lily Evans in his class. Hm. She never got a pet owl or the like. No way to send messages.
11/9/2021 c10 MissHollsies
Been a while since I caught up with your stories. :) Wonderful as always! Can’t wait for more! 3
9/7/2021 c9 Allen Pitt
I think it's really interesting that Harry has access to the family vault, can take out as much money as he wants, she's never even seen it. That's going to cause trouble at some point. Draco's in for a real surprise when he finds out who she is. I can see this also being a big problem for Harry. Good setup!
8/10/2021 c8 Allen Pitt
Harry had Hagrid arrive & take him shopping for supplies. Nobody bothered to do that for her, that's kind of bad. At least Snape will likely treat her much better than he does Harry. I wonder if they realize that she doesn't even have a wand.
Still-with any (bad) luck maybe she'll find a diary and make a new friend!
7/13/2021 c7 Allen Pitt
Yeah. Why didn't he just lie and say he wouldn't go back to Hogwarts? And this girl is headed straight for Slytherin. At least she avoided getting into "flying car" troubles. It sounds like she's stuck in Privet Drive until somebody shows up to take her shopping for school stuff. Assuming someone does show up for that. I wonder who will show up for it. I get the feeling she's an afterthought even for Dumbledore.
6/25/2021 c6 Allen Pitt
The wizarding world really screwed up on all this. Somewhat due to Dumbledore's insistence on the 'blood wards' being so important. Though I wonder if they'd been shifted somewhere else, he'd have had his sister as a blood relative there. Maybe it has to be an adult? Who knows. She's going to be out of the loop on all things Hogwarts. I can see her winding up in a not-Gryffindor house, and things going downhill for her from there. Harry's friends might not trust her if she's in Slytherin... Plus... he has friends now, she doesn't. Hey. Maybe she could be the one ending up with the Diary next year?
Hm, might start out arriving by car as in book2, miss the feast etc? Not good...
6/24/2021 c6 MissHollsies
Loving this story so much! Always looking forward to the next chapter. :)

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