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for Song of the Sword of Hope

1/7 c1 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Interesting start.
12/21/2023 c8 Pedro Ruggeri
So, he change his name and have to sing while fighting

I drop this, the sing part its ridiculous
12/10/2023 c84 Argonaut986
Good ideas are always useful…
12/10/2023 c83 Argonaut986
That training will benefit them greatly…
12/10/2023 c82 Argonaut986
Menma is a pain in the rump…
12/9/2023 c81 Argonaut986
That’s going to be a long haul…
12/9/2023 c80 Argonaut986
Talk about BIG BOOM!
12/9/2023 c79 Argonaut986
Talk about a unique situation…
12/9/2023 c78 Argonaut986
That’s going to be interesting…
12/9/2023 c77 Argonaut986
Talk about a total jerk… in the form of EMIYA alter…
12/9/2023 c76 Argonaut986
An amusing omake…
12/9/2023 c75 Argonaut986
That last part was amusing…
12/9/2023 c74 Argonaut986
Well… that bit with team dark is going to be trouble…
12/9/2023 c73 Argonaut986
Well… that’s going to be a challenge…
12/9/2023 c72 Argonaut986
Talk about unexpected results…
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