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for Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Season 2: Web Of Shadows

1/1/2022 c1 T bone
Will we see the spider island in this chapter
8/11/2021 c1 Spectacular Spiral Dragon
hey man in this season is gwen , anya both gaining spider powers and maybe more web warriors
6/13/2021 c1 27CT311998
I've found an actress to play Anya, if you're having trouble; Cierra Ramirez. I know she's not Puerto Rican, but she's Mexican American, which is the closest I could find near the age of the others.
6/8/2021 c1 Spidey
it going to be epic between Spidey and venom. I so pump for the next chapter.
6/6/2021 c1 avengersendgame426
Oh. My. GOD! This was awesome! I totally did not expect this to show up today. Kind of expected to appear when you were done with your Wolverine story, but it was great to read it anyway. Really enjoyed reading the start of this new season. Nice job putting in references to the Venom movie, Spectacular Spider-Man, Insomniac’s Spider-Man game and the rest of the Marvel universe. Also liked the introduction of the new characters like Anya Corazon, Black Cat, Hammerhead, Tombstone, Alistar Smythe, Janice Lincoln aka Beetle, Kraven the Hunter and Martin Li aka Mr. Negative! I mainly enjoyed Anya’s introduction because she doesn’t get much appearances in Spider-Man media. Good job writing her character in this story. Hope we get see more of her since she’s now at Midtown. Another thing I liked is that you included some of the effects of the Goblin Nightmare like Alistar becoming the new head of Oscorp which is now called Tricorp, Gloria and her family living at F.E.A.S.T. due to losing their home, Happy getting another job at Peter’s school due to his pay at Horizon getting reduced and the Maggia taking control of New York’s criminal underworld in Wilson Fisk’s absence. It’s like Falcon and the Winter Solider showing the effects of the Blip bringing back half of everyone in the universe. By the way, have you watched any of the Marvel Disney shows because they’re very good and Loki premiers this month on the 9th.

Judging by Eddie Brock’s new show trying to turn the people against Spider-Man, I’m guessing that’s going to be his endgame for the rest of the season. Peter better be prepared to stop Eddie and regain the public’s trust in him. It also seems Harry is already beginning his path of vengeance to kill Spider-Man for seemingly killing his father. Hope Peter can try to reason with Harry as Spider-Man that Norman killed himself with the glider. Venom’s also returned and has already made his appearance to the public. Plus there’s new villains rising this season like Hammerhead, Tombstone, Black Cat, Kraven the Hunter and Mr. Negative. Hope Peter can handle them all. Also hoping that we see more of Martin Li aka Mr. Negative and the introduction of his gang of Demons. I don’t know if he’ll still have beef with Norman Osborn like in the PS4 game because he’s already dead in this story, but my best bet is that he’ll go after Harry instead. And whatever’s on that hard drive from Kingpin better have important things. Maybe even some information regarding a certain thing known as “Devil’s Breath”.

Other than that, good luck with the rest of this season and thanks for publishing this since Venom: Let There Be Carnage comes out on September 24th and Spider-Man: No Way Home comes out on December 17th this year. Hope we get to see a Spider-Verse with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in No Way Home!

P.S. You were right about this chapter being long so I listened to the them of the Spider-Man PS4 game by John Paesano during certain parts of this story and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 theme by Hans Zimmer during the beginning of the story with Spider-Man swinging through New York.

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