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for By the Light of the Moon

11/21 c1 14Freddie Rindklip
Thank you for writing
9/5 c1 Wentley
It was exactly what I needed. Thank you!
8/30 c1 K
Thank you for that, most enjoyable.
8/27 c1 Fox
cute and wunderful
8/20 c1 Urgazhi
This was beautiful.
8/9 c1 mumphie
Awww - perhaps someday...more?
7/1 c1 6Mishkin
I love this!
6/28 c1 redstickbonbon
I enjoyed this. Well written. Thank you.
6/21 c1 8Itack23
I just love Luna as a character, she can be so funny, strange and cute at the same time
Thanks for the fluffy story!
6/16 c1 22AppoApples
daw! that's adorable and I could visaulize all the scenes. Very well done. I like how you wove it in with the sixth book. better than canon by far. A little quick at the end but I love how you described Ravenclaw tower. I'm probably always going to veiw it as that.

Great job!
6/11 c1 Miss Anonimo
You've captured Luna's essence so well! Some writers make her so...un-Luna-ish ( that was the only way to make it sound diplomatic _:D) Loved this one shot! If you get any Ideas to convert it into something longer, do give it a go! Love your piece. I hope you and your family is doing well!
Best wishes
Miss Anonimo
6/8 c1 2A10riddick
Great story!

Kind of wished that there was more!

Wished we could see their children!
6/7 c1 christjp05
I liked this. Harry is most often too oblivious due to the world trying to kill him that he misses out on the good things in front of him. You wove a nice tale that takes nothing away from cannon but gives Harry just a little bit of happiness. Well done.
6/7 c1 JustxThexDoctor
So freaking cute! Luna had always been one of my favorites, and you portrayed her well. love this story! it wasn't too long, but not too short either. great job!
6/7 c1 1The Pathological Liar
So. Read this.

First things first, love the style of writing. I've already said this before, but the words flow really, really smooth. The prose is perfect for the tone and it all just reads extremely well.

The characterisation is nice, the dialogues and interactions are really entertaining and very fun to experience. I love the whole tone of the fic, its hits you at really well at places and the more lighter parts work well. It's a really good one shot, maybe better than ethereal for me.

Thanks for writing it.
Pathological Liar

P.S Is this finally your foray into writing smutty snarry by starting with fluffy one shots?
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