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1/25 c19 M1stymix
I think being the heir to house stark Robb would travel around other banner house to meet them and visit their keeps giving better relationship noh? though I'm not that knowledgeable about ASOIAF. Also I still don't know how Cregan plans to defeat the others and the coming chaos also what he wants in this life really yes stopping the others is a goal but after what does he really want to do.
1/17 c19 Anansi The Spider
Too many filler chapters
1/17 c19 11LoveLifeForever
I have been loving the story. The difference between a decent story and a very good one, in my opinion, is the ability to blend prose and dialogue without allowing the story to be bogged down at any point. You are without doubt a very good writer.

You have not only chosen on a decently original premise for your character, but also altered the world around him! While you take from the best of the original ("A mind needs books..."), you also manage to create both entirely original and (more importantly) believable dialogue for each character! I cannot overstate how impressed I am with that. Bravo!

All that said, there are two things I've been wondering:

1) When will Cregan unlock his Earth magic? I can understand wanting to get a greater mastery of what he has so far, but the advantages for Earth in subtle use during combat are nearly as profound as wind. From ensuring your own stable fitting it compromising your foe to hiding in plain sight by creating a small cave or culvert where necessary to escape pursuit (something I'm sure a special operator could appreciate) it is developer worth exploring.

2) I'm actually curious whether there will be a boost available for the Blood of the First Men... so that he can get the gray back in his eyes. Is it a silly reason? Yes, it absolutely is. And that's why I think it should happen.

In all seriousness, I would love to see some balance come back if only because I see so few stories that don't just lean one way and ignore or sideline the other to a degree. And you seem like one of the few that could pull it off without being ham-handed about it.

... Okay one more thing, will he get a direwolf or dragon? It seems in keeping with the idea of the four elements: Kaa for Earth, Rian for Wind, a Direwolf for Water, and a Dragon for Fire. (Direwolf might seem odd for Water until you remember their ability to smell it in the wild.)

In the other hand, maybe he'll just get a boost to Blood of the First Men for Water and keep the balance by having companions for the other two. Who knows?

Damn I love stories that make me think and wonder this much about what happens next! Cannot wait!
1/17 c19 Trey of the rebellion
I wonder if he'll be meeting Bloodraven or the Children of the Forest. Ohh, or a wight or an Other!
1/17 c8 Kingola
Shouldn’t his first men blood provide him with a larger boost since it’s Major compared to his Andal blood
1/17 c19 22Clavyus
Great fun so far. A very well-written romp of a story, and an engaging, OP protagonist.
1/16 c19 evilstatistic19
good chapter looking forward to the next one
1/16 c19 B127
Nice chapter
1/14 c19 Guest
very cool story! loving the rapid departure from canon!
1/15 c19 3coldblue2015
Thanks for updating and Happy New Year!

Cregan Sand:

The trip back North/Winterfell was great! I have to admit, I felt like Cregan accidentally snubbed Arya and Bran, but Oberyn and him had no idea what these two children were interested in...yet. Arya already showing in Red Rain/Valyrian Steel. Speaking of Red Rain, it a Valyrian Sword that is kind of the length of Bastard Sword and more for slashing/cutting. I kind of hope if Cregan gets ANOTHER sword that is longer and Valyrian/Magical that he can really dual wield with both Swords being slightly different length and yet weigh the light as Valyrian/Magical Steel can be. Prince Doran has been teaching Cregan cyvasse and Oberyn dialogue with Cregan was test to see how much Cregan understands the Great Game with the relations with North and Dorne...Dorne is trying to get the North away from the Stromlands/Baratheons and Vale/Arryns to develop trade/marriages with each other to make the North reluctant to FIGHT Dorne. Alysanne Snow is given the idea that she is magical and Cregan is magical, so the Dragon Egg she has could potentially be hatched by her with Fire and Blood. The Wall, which Cregan and company found amazing, Cregan is given a new Quest that he could potential bring back Magical Strength to PARTS of the Wall through Castle Black...So this is interesting.

Alysanne Snow:

She has a Dragon Egg...That is going to change everything. She is Archer and has Weirwood Bow, but she on her way to be Sorcerers. Either as Valyrian Warlock or powerful Warg of the First Men, Alysanne Snow has magical path to take. Tyene Sand probably encouraging Alsyanne to follow through with her feelings and probably bed or have sex with Cregan Sand in the future...It rather interesting that out of the Stark children of the Noth, Alysanne could be very powerful Magical User and can be based on many "A song of Ice and Fire" Series characters from Visenya Targaryen, Tyanna of the Towers, Alys Rivers of Harrenhal/Dance of Dragons, Melisandre of Asshai, and Quaithe the Shadowbinder...Honestly, there many Magical Female characters you can use to develop Alysanne Valyrian and First Men heritage to fullest ability.

Dorne and the North:

It seems that close relations with Dorne and North would make it less of issue if a Targaryen or Blackfyre takes the Iron Throne. Oberyn Martell points out that the North and Dorne are out of the Westerosi Politics, besides Iron Islands because nobody likes them...Beron Stark being 2nd born Son and replacement for Jon Snow is interesting along with Fostering at Dorne/House Martell will create a interesting character. It really shaping up and changing the Game so to speak...The Vale, Westerlands, Stormlands and Riverlands must be noticing this change. But can they blame them. The North brings Lumber/Iron Wood to Dorne and Dorne trades back Glass to make Glass Houses for the North to survive the winter years. It interesting to read what Cregan Sand would do with the Pirate problems down the Narrow Sea and I can read Cregan Sand with Yara/Asha Greyjoy founding a Sell Sail company to protect Dornish/Northern/Essosi trade routes along the Narrow Seas.

The Wall and the Wall Empowerment mission:

I hope that Cregan Sand does Empower the Wall, but we get more lore. Melisandre notes that the Wall Magic is strong and is one the World Hinges of Magic...All we know that Brandon the Builder, the Giants and Children of the Forest built the Wall to protect them from the Others/White Walkers...But what if some White Walker/Other Magic was used with Children of the Forest/First Men magic? Kind of like Hybrid Magic of Ice and Earth/Weirwood to create the Wall...It rather interesting if ANY of The Wall stories such as the Rat Cook and the Andal King or the 79 Sentinels, Night Brother Mad Axe that slaughtered his brothers at Night, Arson Iceaxe sealed within the Wall, and the 13th Lord Commander of the Nightwatch becoming Night King for giving his seed to a White Walker Women...All of this is at the Nightfort and I kind of hope Cregan Sand has some interesting events that even the Nightwatch, Northern Lords and Prince Oberyn Martell notice a change in the Wall or change in the feeling of the Wall with Magic coming back to it.


1) Will Cregan Sand go to the Nightfort on the Wall to help in Empowering the Wall magic and deal with Old Nan's scary stories turning out to have some truth to them?

2) Can we Mance Ryder or Abel the Bard to meet with Cregan Sand along the Wall or North-of-the-Wall?

3) Is it possible that Cregan Sand will start a Sell Sail company with Asha/Yara Greyjoy to protect trade along the Narrow Seas for Westerosi and Essosi trade?

4) Do you plan for Alysanne Snow to take up any notice characteristics of Magic or Personalities of Magical Women in "A song of Ice and Fire" series of the past?

5) Would the Three-Eye-Crow and Children of the Forest contact Cregan Sand or will Cregan gain a Direwolf Familiar at the Wall after completing the Wall of Empowerment Mission?


1) I love how scary the Nightfort is and Old Nan's scary stories...Use them and probably have Cregan Sand having to defeat Arson Iceaxe, the 79 Sentinels or even fight the Rat Cook. How? This is a Magic Story and it has Gamer abilities. It kind of like the Gamer Dungeon, where Cregan clears a level and gains Exp/Skills/Perks for accomplishing certain missions/clearing dungeons.

2) That would be interesting...Even though House Martell wants to use Cregan Sand for the Greater Game, Cregan plans/goals are to deal with the Others/White Walkers...So meeting Mance/Able either at the Wall or North-of-the-Wall, so it rather interesting to read that dialogue/compromise happen...Kind of like Cregan and Mance make deal where Cregan gives the Free Folk/Wildlings safe passage around the Wall by using Cregan future Ships as a Sell Sail company to South-of-the-Wall or even ports of Vale or Riverlans or Crownlands.

3) That would be interesting. Instead of Sell Sword Company we have Cregan and Yara/Asha create a Sell Sail company. Where Yara/Asha Greyjoy can earn a reputation as Sailor and following the Old Way, while transitioning into a New Way...We have Cregan Sand gain experience in Naval/Sea Warfare to deal with. Who knows? Maybe even attack the Slave Trade routes, but the end goal is to help secure trade within the Narrow Sea's without worrying about Pirates.

4) Visenya Targaryen, Tyanna of the Towers and Alyse Rivers are interesting Magical Women in George RR Martin world/past history that help develop his current Magical Women figures in his books. They are not good, but they are powerful and have a reputation. Alysanne Snow could gain a HARD reputation to make men/Lords think twice before messing with her given she a Bastard/Women of the North...So it would be great if Alysanne become something more dangerous and a Warrior-Like/Sorcerer Women of the North.

5)...I think Cregan Sand, if he completes the Wall Empowerment, would gain another Warg Perk/Companion with a Direwolf pup/adult joining his ranks with Rain and Kaa. It rather interesting to read if the Three-Eyed-Crow and Children of the Forest search out Cregan Sand, but I do not think that will happen given that Cregan always on the move and unlike the Starks, the Three-Eyed-Crow can visit them with Weirwood Network within North/Westeros. It is your call on this...

Keep up the good work, stay safe, and stay healthy!
1/15 c19 Blaze1992
Talk about an awkward family dynamic.
1/15 c19 Hadrian.Caeser
1/15 c19 7cliff.west
great story. still time is running out for them.
1/14 c19 T149Man
I'm happy to see more of this story. It's a far more intriguing story than most of the GoT/ASOIAF stories I see.
1/14 c19 Saga686491
Another awesome update. This story has become one of the few that as soon as I see it's been updated I have to pause whatever I'm doing to read the update. I hope this author continues writing.
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