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5/18 c34 asd
It's a fun read so far. I thought I was tripping out but Cayde changed to Cadye all of a sudden this chapter.
5/18 c34 Maverick
Given that the current date is 297 and the final battle of the long night on tv was 305 (and Daenerys hatched her dragons in 299) surely now is the perfect time for snow to hatch her egg. Kill a criminal by fire with the egg and have snow move the fire magically so it’s a more magic fire then just keep the dragon hidden. Drone has plenty of near Abbandoned space in the red mountains where you could rear the dragon. And if snow wargs with it then all is perfect.
5/12 c6 Torhelm
What an absolutely terrible read so far. 6 chapters in and he's still an annoying ass child who complains literally every other sentence. Not even an exaggerastion, every other sentence he spits out is a fucking complaint. Then you sold off his mother to Oberyn and that's really where I have a problem. So many reasons why that doesn't work, I'd put more effort into explaining why it doesn't work than you have put into actually writing this story. A shame too, becase he's supposed to be some bad ass soldier, but all he does is complain? Like at least have him do some modern physical exercises instead of you having him complain about something. Notice how many times I said complain in this review? That doesn't even come close to the amount the MC actually complains in this story. Overall review for the first 6 chapters? 1/10 for the legible grammar.
5/3 c12 Guest
I also really enjoy the tv show vs book knowledge setup. Cregan knowing every detail about the future would be far less entertaining. His ignorance of things like undead Caitlyn, the Maester's magic club, the Old Gods religion using blood sacrifices, and especially Eagon make things interesting.
5/3 c12 Guest
Your portrayal of Oberyn is absolutely wonderful. He's a joy to see in every scene he shows up in.

I appreciate the exploration of his personality outside of revenge for Elia. It dominates his portrayal in the books and show but he ways always clearly far more than that.
4/26 c34 3marius1117
great chapter
4/25 c34 1ScNinja
I'm guessing that one of the girls is pregnant.
4/22 c34 Cosue
So two theories here:
1. Someone (not the princess) is pregnant
2. The line “our family and OTHERS..” leads me to believe someone new is residing in Sunspear- perhaps someone who offered up a proposal for Cregan and thats why the princess is so melancholy..

Great cliff hanger! Cant wait for the next update!
4/20 c34 3coldblue2015
Thank for updating!

Ser Cregan Sand, Knight of the Broken-Arm and Sorcerer:

Alright, so the Magic Perks/Branches are going to change and cause pain to Ser Cregan more. With the Blood Magic perk, his Blood alone with Magical...Which could extend to his Offspring. Honestly, I feel like excited we are at 297 AC at the start of "Game of Thrones" in 'A song of Ice and Fire' Series, where 298 AC will happen and how Ser Cregan Sand will influence them in some shape or form. It is going to be interesting to read how the Step Stones will take place in this and how House Stark connection with House Nymerous-Martell. I just wonder how The Price of Blood and Beastial Bonds will bring. Kaa, Rian, and Ymir are enhancing Ser Cregan and his Magic as well to them...I have to admit, I am concern with Warging into Humans given it is ANOTHER Sin of Skinchanging that Ser Cregan did the last chapter...But it is interesting to see what Ser Cregan will do to survive and thrive in this Medieval-Fantasy universe. I do wonder what Lady Ashara Dayne nee Nymerous-Martell is happy about with Ser Cregan back and what has her overjoyed...Is Ser Cregan social-status/standing going to happen to Ser Cregan Sand or perhaps one of lovers is pregnant?


1) How will Ser Cregan Sand be pulled into major conflicts? Will House Stark ask for aide from their Cousin?

2) Are we going to have Ser Cregan be able to use his Blood to HATCH Alysanne Snow dragon egg or will it be Alysanne blood herself?

3) Are we going to have other POV's outside of Ser Cregan Sand to see what other characters think or weigh in on Ser Cregan Sand uses/issues they might have with him?

4) Can we expect Kaa, Rian, and Ymir to grow more magically powerful from the Red Comet given their connection with Ser Cregan Sand?


1) I figure Robb Stark might call on Ser Cregan Sand to attack from the South or East of the Crownland at the Step Stones. It is something interesting given Lord Eddard Stark might be held hostage in the Black Cells, if he becomes King Robert Baratheon hand...So it does shift battles in the War of the Five Kings differently and we read the Crownlands Ports/Lands near the East of the Shivering Sea being attack by Ser Cregan Sand and whatever men he can gather to fight in the North and Riverlands.

2) That is the question...I feel like Ser Cregan blood would work to HATCH the Dragon Egg better than Alysanne Snow. I could be wrong. Still, Ser Cregan is the ACTIVE magic User and has ability to manipulate/use Fire Magic...So I think Ser Cregan Sand can Hatch the Dragon Egg, but Alysanne Snow can bond/control the Dragon.

3) It would be great to get Small Council or King Robert Baratheon POV on Ser Cregan Sand. Maybe enemies and allies hope to use Ser Cregan for their plans. If not that, maybe read Robb Stark POV given he is the next Lord of Winterfell and is influence by his bastard Cousin by getting a Direwolf along with tips on Skinchanging/Warging along with his siblings.

4) I did not consider that...I mean, it could be possible that Kaa, Rian, and Ymir Magic or connection to Ser Cregan Magic could grow from the Red Comet. I kind of hope that these animals gain an Elemental Magic or perhaps a Higher level of consciousness and become giants of their species. I just hope Kaa, Rian and Ymir influenced by the Magic Red Comet given they are Ser Cregan Sand familiars/animals.

Keep up the good work, stay safe, and stay healthy!
4/20 c32 MattBlack
If he takes an issue with the sacrifices, then simply forbid them among his crew... Since Rhllor apparently back him he should be able to possibly change it...
4/19 c11 ankitmahat
God, I hate this fucking chapter. He's such a retard. He could use magic but decided to rush against Ironborn as a 7 year old instead. At this point, I would be glad if they kill all his family. Stupidity like his deserves to be rewarded.
4/19 c20 MattBlack
To answer his question, yes he would want to empower the old gods, since he is now favored by them...
4/18 c34 1AiyaKnight
Skill point trait chapters are always so fun watching him grow and learn however only giving him one that just makes him more OP/more mana doesn't add much to the character or the adventure. Also what's the point of a (Planetos) skill when you have all the other major areas of the world.
4/18 c18 MattBlack
They are STEP siblings, not blood related, so he can do whatever he wants with them as far as I and most others are concerned... Also, that would get him that Keeping It In The Family... XD
4/18 c12 MattBlack
Also, his punishment should be rescinded considering he rescued Arianne, if not then Doran is an arse...
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