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for Three Months to remember

8/3 c12 ak
bonne fic!
16h c1 cmoalys
add more please
7/22 c1 shedges19
7/3 c12 starboy454
Good ending
7/3 c2 2Red Death
These have to be rough draft chapters that you're going to clean up and repost later, yes? I can't imagine anyone not having their work proofread and edited before posting.
7/2 c12 Jostanos
Thank you for posting a story that was a joy to read.

YOU PASS! *eye smiles*
7/1 c12 2imgonnadie
Excellent chapter
7/1 c11 N7SPARTAN-Commander-Jay117
Ignore my post on the 12th chapter didn't see that it was complete.
7/1 c12 N7SPARTAN-Commander-Jay117
This story is great. Only one complaint, slow it down, things are happening to fast right after each other. Other then that can't wait for more.
6/29 c5 6258489
I think maybe you had Samantha misspeak when she said "magic to me is just technology we don't understand yet" when I'd say it should've been 'science' we don't understand yet... Ok, I'm going to stop commenting now because I see how much of a nitpicking prick I look like...
6/29 c4 6258489
Umm... Sam's best friend and cousin whom she agreed to serve as maid of honor for, a doctor and curse breaker respectively, just found out that her magical core was bound her entire life, and decide not to investigate?
6/29 c11 starboy454
Excellent update
6/29 c1 6258489
Ginny feels no guilt for stealing someone's life? I guess she learned from her parents then. Though Harry still considering them 'family' is disturbing.
6/29 c11 Smurfclassic
Didnt umbridge die in diagon ally when she used a killing curse on sam andharry deflected it back on her and nevile used cutting curse to take the head of reeter
6/29 c11 5plums
Honestly, I missed the whole angle with shacklebolt entirely. I still want the four musketeer idiots to burn for their roles in all this.
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