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12/3 c9 1horsebell
This is a great story. If you ever write a sequel I will definitely read it.
11/8 c9 Guest
I NEED more! Ellie and James 5ever 3
8/27 c9 Shola2001
Great story. I would definitely read a sequel if you decide to write one.
7/13 c9 fanreader4149
sequel yes please
7/6 c9 1PadfootCc
This is such a good story! I would LOVE to see a sequel.
7/4 c9 FrankieHS
I would like to add my name to the list that would like to read a sequel! Sequels! An entire series would be great! I love that Jim has someone to be happy with, in addition to Bones and the crew. Can't wait to see what's next!
6/26 c9 Guest
Loved the ending and would love a sequel!
6/26 c9 Guest
Would love a sequel! Great story!
6/27 c9 27InaraXavier
Please do a sequel. I think it would be so good
6/25 c8 Guest
Please write a sequel! I don't want Elara and Kirk's story to end
6/25 c8 Guest
This was one of my favourite chapters! Cat's out of the bag (love how you did that, the reactions were very in character), the interactions between Spock and Elara this chapter were super fun (the hug!) and between Elara and Kirk. Super interested in a sequel, Elara is my favourite!
6/23 c7 Guest
I loved the Spock POV. Where he watched them, as he always had. It was so sweet! Calling them binary stars that gravitated toward eachother was sweet too - in a sciencey way
6/23 c7 Guest
That part about fate - ahhhh! Can't believe we're almost done this story - great chapter as always!
6/21 c6 Guest
Love these characters and how your are developing their arcs!
6/21 c6 Guest
This chapter was everything, I loved it
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