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7/4 c2 Mugen-Muse
On the bright side, that went rather well, and Ramiel was given the requested supply of untainted medication.
7/4 c1 Mugen-Muse
Well, I hope for Ramiel's sake that his sponsor/patron had understood that Ramiel meant his actual medication instead of what was tainted with poison.
3/29 c3 AvidGamer1124
Wtf happened dude? From Mortal to Divinity is an enjoyable story, but this one is kinda wtf happened?
10/3/2021 c12 Valkyen
To be fair I enjoyed way more FMtD thatn Pharaoh, I dont know why but I cant deal with the MC personality so Im really excited to read Nosferatu's Odyssey, see you there.
10/3/2021 c12 Dasgun
8/4/2021 c11 Uday Sra
7/22/2021 c10 Uday Sra
7/9/2021 c9 Uday Sra
7/5/2021 c1 lanitri27
Oh ok. Are you working on original works at the moment? That's pretty cool.
7/5/2021 c1 lanitri27
Question.. Was the oc in this totally original and not based on other literature? Cause the mc's lore here seems a lot more detailed than normal fics I read, like they are already established facts.. Osiris, the company, thor clan, genius siblings etc. Feels like an established world.
If this was totally original, and all the mentioned lore are just added to a add some "weight" to MC's character.. good job. But if it was not and the lore mentioned are referencing some other existing story, aside from the obvious mythology references of course, can you inform us.
Before and while reading fics like this, crossover ones, where I was unfamiliar with the other fandom, I usually go to the internet to search for the characters mentioned,.. that's how I got into Rwby funny enough, no idea what it is until I read a crossover between it and fate stay night.
6/30/2021 c1 Guest
Why would he even need any sort of medication is it not the fact that everlasting body corrects every flaw? You can not have an everlasting body if it degenerates without the use of meds. The perk should invalidate any need for any sort of medication to sustain his body.
6/27/2021 c7 Uday Sra
6/24/2021 c6 Guest
Wait wait so are you saying that you kept getting Cu every time you’ve pulled something?
Damn my condolences, do you have a cat, dog or rabbit? If you do use their paws see what happens
6/26/2021 c7 Alexis Starclimber
It was pretty alright, the focus was not in the lemon though. The binding was pretty well though out though.
6/25/2021 c6 Uday Sra
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