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for Eostia Isekai Story

9/14 c2 Anikong
Really enjoying this story.
9/12 c2 faturandi37
recommend additional characters from senran kagura,sekirei,and evenicle
9/10 c2 Serenade7
Two chapters in and I'm already loving this story and can't wait for the next chapter. Also, I don't think it would be a good idea to merge with Kuroinu 2 because from what I understand it takes place 100 years after the original.
9/9 c1 Serenade7
Awesome story so far, I can't wait to see where it goes.
7/31 c1 monkiepawn
Well... If people like this kind of thing, what can we do. Not all have the same taste for everything.
Didn't ended this chapter, just until he decided his pad and also never played the h. game. But WTF is he thinking?
I know there are many sick people in our world, but him taking the same path as Vult in real life? How will anyone govern in Rape Empire, how will they control just about anything from slow number of no broken woman, loyal family members and even some crazy ones that will protect family/loved, how will they secure food from broken and death farmers and eaten animals by monsters, medicine and treatment from weak men and broken woman, how about economy, etc.
They will live for a little more than a year and then they would all kill themselves.

So even if this story was something I would enjoy, the MC is an idiot with no clear objective.
7/23 c2 Soulbow109
Really like what you got so far. Most Mcs are completely heroes types so having one that admits to being selfish is interesting to read. Look forward to the next chapter.
7/20 c2 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next and it would be interesting if you did add the sequel characters in to this story
7/15 c1 TechnicalJoker
Even though I said it might do good to add Kuroinu 2 characters to this, if it proves too taxing I would also say not to do it. Stick with what is comfortable that way there is no stress with what you are writing. Anyways, hope to see more from this. Keep it up!
7/14 c2 kaneous
I'd say go for it mix the two.
7/13 c1 19jedi7000nathan
Volt was never the protagonist and hero of the story he was ALWAYS the villain, the closest thing Kuroinu has to a protagonist is Alicia and she certainly failed in that role.
7/13 c2 jedi7000nathan
Merge Kuroinu 2 in: I've done the same with my fanfic to interesting results: Iris is Alicia's way more competent older sister who never trusted the Black Dogs because one of them killed her father in a duel by stabbing him in the back after he won thus resulting in Iris killing him, Ruka is Origa's younger sister, and the other characters play a part in the story. I am enjoying this so far: keep up the good work also good call saving Maia this early on makes the issue with her not believing that Volt was evil ALOT easier if the two never meet. So keep up the good work and take the time needed for making the story great
7/7 c2 G silently
funny enough i found this story after reading a gamer fic in this same hentai world and even better both fics are good and as for you making a gamer fic? go for it.
7/3 c2 Guest
Ah Kuroinu that one hentai everyone is ashamed to watch but they still watch it haha

Needless to say I full support Roland’s idea of fucking over Vault and his scum and taking basically all the woman of the world for himself non of that sharing the girls with literally every man in the world

I also hope you add just the woman from Kuroinu 2

Actually be fun to see Roland prevent the rise of Vault and his mercenaries perhaps have him lead the army so well they don’t need them and Vault dies early
7/1 c2 King0fP0wers
Kuroinu 2 is nice, but I'm rather sensitive about merging sequels with canon. The couple centuries between the two games are a bit hard to ignore. I mean, you're already gathering girls from different works, so I don't see the reason to add the entire new cast into it. Large harems are a pain to work with.
I do hope you add someone from Fate/Grand Order though. Or a busty classic, like One Piece, Fairy Tail or Bleach.
Some strong guy subordinates from other works would be nice too.
6/27 c1 marco794
i think adding kuroinu 2, would mess with the continuity too much, or you’ll have a ton of retcon to do
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