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for Justice: Rip and Tear

3/22 c4 Sora Hinokage
Does anyone feel like reading (or even writing) a "Doom Eternal" & "Justice League Unlimited" crossover one-shot happening in the latter’s series finale, "Destroyer"? Just reading about the Doom Slayer and Superman going up against Darkseid in the middle of the invasion of Earth gets my blood pumping fiercely…
2/21 c1 1LoneWolfAndCub
if this gets continueed, i need to see Klarion get ended by the Crucible. No exceptions.
2/10 c4 Guest
Though some of the comments here are super condescending, I found this fic to be fun. Can’t wait to see Joker try to mess with him.
1/7 c1 Guest
This is just too cringe to read. Also you're 100% correct author, your jargon fails completely and utterly. The only thing that defines military equipment in the sense you're looking for is milspec, and that just defines the specifications the military is looking for when providing them with arms. High grade civilian outdoes millitary grade any day unless it's special forces, and ofc civilians can't get their hands on on large arms.

12/26/2023 c4 Dasgun
8/25/2023 c4 TyTylerBarela100
can't wait for the demons to come to see the might of this version of justice league
8/3/2023 c1 Karube Guri
It’s been two years since this crossover has been published and the ‘controversial’ first chapter STILL draws in naysayers…

How many (including you, DaneNagai) want to take bets that the number of naysayers criticising “Ch:1” is GREATER THAN the number of naysayers who have bothered to read the next chapters?
7/23/2023 c1 1LilKittyCatty
That's bullshit, Deathstroke's blade is strong and sharp but it is not UAC weapons, which couldn't penetrate the Praetor suit. There is also the fact that the doomslayer
6/30/2023 c4 EndOfDaysBitches
Hey, DaneNagai, I hope life has been 'treating you right' so far… because I just had a bit of an 'epiphany' for your story.

Since this crossover is, more or less, 'combining' both the DC Universe and the DOOM Franchise… has it ever crossed your mind about writing in a 'cameo' (or even a 'Small Role, Big Impact') with The Endless — Death, Delirium, Desire, Despair, Destiny, Destruction, and Dream? One part is disbelief at how "My Hero Academia: Unchained Predator" included "Darksiders" of all things; the other part is their 'insight/usefulness' with the 'Mr. Exposition' Trope as omnipotent 'natives' of the DC Universe…

'A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Read' when it comes to the Doom Slayer… and we wouldn’t want 'allies' like Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian to 'shell shock' themselves for inadvertently reading the Slayer’s mind (but adversaries like Psimon might as well be 'fair game').

That’s where The Endless might come in, such as Death being sympathetic to the Slayer’s losses (or perhaps just people dying in general; I don’t know about this one), Despair drawn to the suffering of civilians when the demons make an appearance (and the Hope the Doom Slayer represents when he starts Ripping and Tearing), Destiny chronicling the Doom Slayer’s exploits (up to the inevitable showdown with the Dark Lord) or perhaps Dream 'visualising' the Doom Slayer’s memories/past (and showing his allies the humanity that lies underneath the hatred they were unable to see since their 'first impressions').

• DOOM (1993): Doomguy is posted to a dead-end assignment on Mars after assaulting a superior officer who ordered his unit to fire on civilians…

1) After defeating the Spider Mastermind, Doomguy finds a portal to Earth opened by demons, only to find that it has also been invaded by demons, who have killed billions of people.
2) The humans who survived the attack have developed a plan to build massive spaceships which will carry the remaining survivors into space, with Doomguy battling hordes of demons to allow the remaining humans to escape (leaving him the only human left on the planet).
3) Just as he sits down to await death, knowing that he saved humanity, Doomguy receives an off-planet transmission from the survivors in orbit, who have found out where the armies of Hell are coming from; Doomguy enters Hell to stop the invasion…

• DOOM 64: As the only experienced survivor of the previous events, Doomguy is sent to an abandoned UAC research installation alone to exterminate the demons. After succeeding, Doomguy decides to remain in Hell forever to ensure no demon ever rises again, no longer capable of having a normal life following his encounters with Hell's forces…

[From here, this is where it gets 'tricky' on how you intend to include them due to 'timeline issues'…]

1) The Sentinel Prime flashbacks reveal the Doom Slayer as Doomguy, continuing where DOOM 64 left off (after enduring the consequences that would come with fighting for one’s life every second of every day, with no reliable nutrition, hydration, sleep, or human contact of any kind; he was a battered, gibbering mess that operated on nothing beyond murderous intent and refusal to die by the time the Night Sentinels found him)…
2) The Taras Nabad flashbacks (where the Slayer retrieves his own Crucible) reveal the rogue Maykr called the Seraphim, who imbued Doomguy with superhuman abilities by putting him in the Divinity Machine, transforming him into the Doom Slayer…
3) Depending on how you feel about the Easter Eggs on the Fortress of Doom (to which I wonder when that will be addressed), there’s the oil painting of the Doom Slayer holding onto Daisy the Rabbit, an empty cage containing a rabbit's foot and a torn photograph of a family at a desk in the living quarters — WOE BETIDE ANYONE WHO DISTURBS THESE (THAT INCLUDES YOU, BATMAN)!
6/8/2023 c1 T
Bullspit a single punch from Doomsayer would smear batman along the floor. Bats doesn't fight superpowers rouges, hell he only beat Superman through trickery which I enjoyed. But no, Doomsayer could kill Superman and Batman without a thought.
5/30/2023 c4 Guest
*Insert Home to Hell or Fight Like Hell by JT Music *
5/12/2023 c4 TyTylerBarela100
love this story and how scary shit the justice league of doom guy
5/2/2023 c1 33evolution-500
Any chance of this continuing?
4/21/2023 c4 master of death12345
please continue the story
3/27/2023 c4 7RedMist86025949
Awesome how you put that fool in his place.
Sometimes I hate media.
Ex: Jameson with Spider-man and Will Harangue from Ben 10.
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